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Your thoughts about this two items ?

Article about: for my eagle railroad is a bad FAKE Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default Your thoughts about this two items ?

    Heey guys! I just found two items on the Swedish "ebay" . The first one is a A-H statue in broze, no stamps. All i know is that a man bought it in Denmark in the 70`s..

    The second one is a big German Imperial eagle in aluminium .There's two stamps,GAL-MG PF , RZA BLN.

    So do u Think is reproduktion or the real "deal" ? Personally i think the eagle is real but i dont know .

    If the eagle is real, where do u think its sat ? On a train, building maybe?

    All the best - Closer

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    I like the statue with the SA uniform...I'm assuming pre-war...
    The eagle appears to be a Reichsbahn/Railroad Eagle...
    cheers, Glenn

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    What makes you say the statue is definitely pre-war Glenn? I am not to sure about that at all. Okay it has got some patina to it, but that doesn't say much these days. New bronze can be gassed into any color patina you want.
    I would say, looking at the lack of detail and the flow under the base it is well post-war.

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    Statue is bad, bird is iffy but don't think I like that either with the photos supplied.

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    I've seen one of these A H statues in a local antiques shop for 90 not sure of its real or not

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    My assumption is based on the pre-war uniform...But if it turns out to be a fake, then it's a pretty good one that I wouldn't mind having...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Thanks for the answer! Maybe u know what its Worth? The eagle..(

    Its an auction and at this moment its up like 100$ (580swedishkroner+40bids)
    i'm actually think is too much"nazi" and big for the Swedish collectors due to the PR(politically correct) they have inte Sweden '?

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	185253368_16e324ae-92bc-4b8e-a4ae-7f21e25d8c78.jpg 
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    one more pic--

    He wants 2k for it .

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    Sent the bird out for a 2nd set of eyes but these are popping up as of late apparently out of Europe and want to confirm. Their good looking but flags are on the field for that. The Hitler is a Schmidt Hofer model and here is a white war time or white metal example for comparison. and my guess is although they can vary is that this piece you show is actually a knock off of this piece incorporating a mold utilizing the base as well.

    Click image for larger version. 

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