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2012 SOS pics

Article about: Here are a few pics from the show. It was my first SOS and it was great and I am going back next year for sure. I did not take a ton of pics as you had to ask each dealer if it was ok all sa

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    Will do and you lucky dog to be that close to it. Did you find anything to buy?

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    I picked up a few small things, a mid-size pin-back Mother's Cross in LDO case, a couple of marked EK2's, a couple of marked K98 frogs, a Defence of Leningrad medal, a couple of practice 'pineapple' grenades, and a book on the German Cavalry 1920-1945. Oh, and a gas mask and canister. I swear, it's like being a kid in a candy store there. I could have brought 4 times as much money and spent twice that quite easily.

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    You must have got the only mid size at the show I also collect them and was looking hard for one,saw a ton of small and large.
    Well glad you found one congrats as you know they are very hard to find.
    I got a DRK officers dagger another RNP armband and 72 WHW donation badges all part of a series. And my repo cap to wear.

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    Very cool, gents! Thanks for sharing... I wish I could have made it!

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    Maybe we could arrange a forum gathering next year! I tried to catch some of the dealers I have bought from, and got to meet and talk with Dave Shirlin of Very nice fellow. In fact, everyone I had the chance to speak with today was very nice. Some of the dealer/collectors were a bit gruff when they realized I wasn't buying their wares, but that was a small percentage overall. Very small. The vast majority were a lot of fun to speak with, and I learned some new things today, too. Next year I am putting in for vacation WAY ahead of time so I can be there Thursday and Friday. Although, tomorrow being the last day it might be possible to pick up some bargains if they don't want to carry all that home again. You never know. The gas mask I got today was a last-minute purchase, as the guy was boxing up his stuff I made him an offer and got a good price on it. I'll post pictures of it shortly as well. All in all, a great day.

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    That sounds like a fun idea, Roger!

    Any luck finding your elusive Ostmedaille #1 at the SoS?

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    Great pics

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    thanks for the visual aids.
    damit, basta.

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    Joe, I actually have a Deschler Ostmedaille on the way from Germany at this time, so I didn't look for those. I was really looking for the Mutterkreuz, and the EK's were nice accidental finds. I passed up on a 122 and a 138 because I wasn't sure about them, and wouldn't you know I forgot my glasses today, too! There were a lot of beautiful helmets there, but my budget this time didn't allow one of those.

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    Sounds great Roger! I wish I could have made it... I'll have to settle for the rinky dink gun show I'm going to tomorrow... peanuts compared to the SoS

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