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2012 SOS pics

Article about: Here are a few pics from the show. It was my first SOS and it was great and I am going back next year for sure. I did not take a ton of pics as you had to ask each dealer if it was ok all sa

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    Great thread and photos. Thanks Eric and Roger.........!


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    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    Good lord! most of us would like even one top shelf helmet and you snap up 10 just like that? Greed is a wonderful thing is it not?

    Or it is jealousy? I'm jealous thats for sure. Now envy is a mortal sin and I don't know if coveting thy neighbor's helmet is mentioned in the good book so i'm probably not going to hell for that sin in particular...maybe a few others but not THAT one!
    Go hard or go home Glenn. ;-)
    I ain't flying across North America for my health . Definitely not for my health, partying for 3 nights till 5 am with the crazy Norwegians damn near killed me by Sunday!
    Many of these helmets were prearranged and all but 1 were not available on the tables. The good stuff is in the hotel rooms and under the tables as most SOS veterans will attest to.
    But the collectors I know all came home with many top shelf pieces. Plenty to go around my friend.

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    Jeez, how's an average schmo meant to get access to the good stuff even assuming he had a bag full'o'cash?

    I can't wait to see your purchases!

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    Like I said, most were prearranged deals with fellow collectors. Networking is critical to building a collection. Others were guys I know well who had some goodies hiding behind the table or in their rooms. But there was some good stuff on tables too!

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    Who bought me a Luftwaffe M40?

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    Quote by winterhilfswerk Book View Post
    Thanks for the info...I appreciate it. $1,850.00 really isn't that bad a price for how rare it really is. I wish I had seen it for sale! Maybe next year...

    The Type 1 German Mother's Cross in the picture is a reproduction. I have purchased one of these before, and they are definitely not authentic. If you notice, the inscription was made in the mold before it was hardened. Also, the enamel is not textured. They were created post war to give to the soldiers as souvenirs during the German occupation.

    I am planning to go to the show next year. I'm actually already saving up money specifically for the event. I may buy that jeep, haha just kidding.

    Regards, Corey

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    Wish I was there, thanks for the pics

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    I love the M36 uniform shown, unbuttoned.

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