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When I was an army cadet (aged 12) back in the early 60's, I could manage about 12 rds per minute - sometimes 15 with a No 4 Lee Enfield. The British rifleman of the pre-1914 army was expected to get off between 15 and 20 aimed shots a minute in an exercise known as 'the mad minute.' During the retreat from Mons the Germans thought they were facing heavy machine-gun fire as they advanced. But it was nothing more than the musketry skills of the British Tommy armed with the SMLE -arguably the finest bolt action rifle in the world.

The Martini Henry - although a fine weapon, couldn't even begin to match that rate of fire. I think our american firearms enthusiast who made the statement was probably thinking of the 'smelly.'
I had the 'Mad Minute' in mind, when referring to the SMLE and I wholeheartedly agree with your statement.
I likewise strongly suspect, they might have mixed up their MHs and 'Smellies.'
But really must dash now...cant chat....have to go watch 'Zulu' and 'Zulu Dawn' now....all your fault with this talk about Martini-Henrys!!!