A friend just emailed me and told me that the Canadian War Plane Heritage is flying our Lancaster from Hamilton Ontario to the UK in August. They have listed the flight on ebay, the cost for one passenger is starting at $40,000. The flight will take 4 days with stops.
If you were to win the auction, you have to take a 2 day training course with the CWH, and pay your own way back home from the UK.

I am guessing that in the UK the 2 Flying lancs will be flown together, and that would be the first time since the early 60s that more than one Lanc has been seen in the air together.

The RCAF flew Lancs in the earlly 60s.

By the way, an another intact Lanc here in Canada is going up for sale, complete with radios ect, it has been sitting outside in New Brunswick for about 50 years, I remember seeing it when I was a kid.

Dean O
Ajax Canada