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This is absolutely horrifying!

Article about: I am so damn tired of this s h i t! Between this and the Australian college Baseball player - Some of these animals should be put down for good! WWII vet, beaten by teens outside Eagles Lodg

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    i am lost for words,i totally agree that children today need a stiffer upbringing, this story saddens me greatly and makes one wonder how this world will be two generations down the line. in fact it frightens me to death. george

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    That article made me really sad. If somebody did that to a member of my family, I would hunt them down to the ends of the Earth and happily pull the trigger with a glint in my eye.


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    Most kids today, dont even know what Okinawa is or where it is, not to mention the battle of Okinawa.
    They dont see past the iphones, ipads or whatever.
    They dont care if someone is a ww2 veteran or Vietnam veteram, sadly, this happen all around the world.

    The free society of saying and do everything is the same society that is hurting the men who helped creating it.
    I cant even describe what i felt while reading this article......

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    Being a war hero just makes it all that bit sadder,in truth no one should be assaulting anybody regardless of there age,happened in my town a few years ago.......

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    The police have already caught one of the's just a matter of time before he squeals on the other guy...
    I'll keep my other thoughts to myself...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Yes, indeed... horrible, ww2 vet or not... just despicable.

    On another note, all this talk about beating your kids to avoid this sort of thing is frankly abhorrent --- does anyone here really believe that physically abusing your children makes them into better adults?? Come on... Human beings, in my opinion, have ALWAYS been terrible creatures, capable of most anything --- just look at ther cause of why most of us are here...
    As I see it we always have and always will be a detriment to our fellow man and all that surrounds us no matter what.... today we just have a more "open" world where we are actually notified of these things on a daily basis, hence our impression of this "crueler" world. Remember; death and violence sells ... their opposites do not---

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    It does'nt only apply to vets or athletes, a couple of years s ago my youngest son was walking home when two yobs just came up behind him and one hit him over the head with lump of wood,the other kicked him whilst on the ground ,it was pure adrenaline that he was able to get up,take one of them out with full punch to the nose and laid him out completely,the other one ran off,he left the guy on the floor and came home,I was so angry that I forced him to show me where it happened, we found a large pool of blood but no yob,two days later my son came home with bloody knuckles,he had seen the two trying to attack someone else and leapt in and again laid out one,the other person had knocked the other one out,the police were called, both were arrested and are now serving a nice term of imprisonment,both these yobs had been mugging people for months,and came from a different town,that is the way to deal with these people,give them a taste of their own methods and don't hold back,unfortunately these people usually pick on the weaker or infirm,but not always and live to regret it

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    I hate to hear about these things happening, vets who have risked their lives and survived the war just to be beaten by disrespectful scumbags.

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    That`s the way things are going. There`s more and more young misguided `wastes of space` teenagers with no respect for nobody and nothing

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    Makes a person look twice at Clint Eastwood in the movie Gran Torino....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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