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This is absolutely horrifying!

Article about: I am so damn tired of this s h i t! Between this and the Australian college Baseball player - Some of these animals should be put down for good! WWII vet, beaten by teens outside Eagles Lodg

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    The punishment should fit the crime.

    Do you seriously believe this was their first victim. If not for surveillance video they would have walked away from this heinous act and moved on to the next.

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    If you read my message, I was replying to TrondK's view and I mean't no offense, I also respect his opinion.

    I wasn't saying that this is their first crime and I agree, that the punishment should fit the crime. History shows that death penalty doesn't solve anything. Death penalty was originally meant to scare criminals, so they wouldn't conduct an crime, but still we see from statistics, that the rate is the same. Also there have been cases, where an innocent person has been executed. I'm sure these individuals are heavily disturbed and deserve an long sentence. Also an trip to a psychiatrist.

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    I think we can all agree this is a despicable act by individuals who plainly have no sense of right or wrong or any sense of reality or responsibility when it comes to their actions.

    Keeping the thread open only for various members to describe in graphic detail what they would like to do to the perpetrators will serve no purpose. We know there needs to be punishment to fit the crime but we all know this won't happen to our individual requirements.

    The thread has veered away from the topic in post #1 and we have already had political statements - which are not allowed here - and now it has digressed onto the best way to discipline children. We are not here for that and therefore the thread is closed as it has run it's course.

    I will make it perfectly clear once again that this forum is not a platform for anyone to raise politics and to state their political beliefs. If you want to do that then go elsewhere as there is a whole internet for you to explore, we don't want it, we don't need it here. Take the warning as repeated transgressions will result in expulsion from the forum.

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