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Adicted to collecting

Article about: Guys im looking for some moral support.A freinds child was recently in my apartment and ,since has called it like a problem is i not only collect militaria /30 german helmets inclu

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    Guys to make matters worse or better ,which ever way you look at it.i just got news that i will have extra money coming my way ,and you know what that means.

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    Any hobby is an addiction. I like history, yes I'm addicted to it! I play guitar, yes I'm addicted to it. I have skiied all my life, yes I'm addicted to it! I like beer, yes I'm definately addicted! Anybody that collects anything is obsessive about what they collect, or else they would never end up with much of a collection. People say collecting TR memorabilia is creepy. I think large collections of clowns is creepy, haha. (Sorry, too many scary movies when I was a kid!) But I totally respect all you hardcore clown collectors out there!

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