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Adventures in Australia

Article about: I just seen the thread about the indian artifacts and it got me thinking about a few of my adventures you guys maybe interested in. The first one put me in the history books. I had always wa

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    Quote by Danmark View Post
    Great Aussie Adventures, Marc ..... you can be the next Russell Coight!

    No, seriously - a great effort mate!
    Cheers, Dan
    Cheers mate! Love Russel Coight!!!!! Really hope they do more episodes!

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    Quote by geelong View Post
    really good post here tailor marc. the ww2 trench art story is great. thanks for shareing.
    One i will never forget and happy to meet a ww2 hero and loved seeing him so happy to have that little piece of a jap zero back in his hands.

    - - Updated - -

    Quote by Adrian View Post
    Great stories Marc, thank you for posting them. Fascinating reading.
    My pleasure mate

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    Quote by NunoGTI View Post
    Hi, thank you for posting your amazing adventures.
    Please dont take this wrong.
    But you should have helped the earliest, instead of taking so many pictures for the newspapers......
    This is my opinion and how i see things.
    I agree and the plan wasnt to take pictures for the paper, this only came about in the afternoon as i wasnt allowed back in the water. The DEC (Department of environment and conservation made a roster for the people doing the rescue that we could only have an hour in the water at a time as it was pretty cold. Just safety reasons. By that time of the day there were hundreds of people there. Also by taking pictures for the paper it brings awareness to these great creachers and try understand why they do it. Turns out my pictures were very valuable to a mamologist in Sydney . They have never had such hi quality images of a stranding and she had been using them for studies and teachings all around the world so going with my gut to take images was well worth it. I, i was woken in the morning by my freind telling me to grab my camera. He didnt say what was happining till i seen the magnatude of what was happining. 2 or 3 people couldnt shift such a massive whale off a beach let alone 84 whales. So as my freind went for help i took the shots. When we help i was the first one in the water. It turns out that for 4 hours until professional whale experts arrived as we are in such a remote location and in W.A there arnt to many experts on this and how to save them. It turns out that we were doing the wrong thing until the experts arrived. We werent to know but getting them off the beach one by one and pushing they to deeper water was the wrong thing to do. As i said we werent to know as we all had never seen this before. Each whale we got off the beach just turned around and beached again. It was so hard and so much effort.
    The experts said that all the whales including a pod 5 kilomiters down the beach must all be brought together and released as a pod. This didnt work either. It was like they were all on a mission to suicide.
    We worked around the clock until the morning but nothing worked. Terrible day

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