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It all pays off......

Article about: Never know Danny,some others may get the nod too. I've got some more of my stuff going in upcomming book projects. Stewy S

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    Default It all pays off......

    I got a rather interesting email from the BBC research people a while back. Seeing as there are very few gas mask collectors in the UK that are on the internet they contacted me and asked to do research for an upcoming TV program about technology. One of the episodes is on military equipment developement which might be of interest to everyone here, and that's where I come in

    It wasnt much, I just identified masks which I believed were of significant importance, and found out all information to do with them, dates, maker, country etc.

    I've been allowed to say this little bit, but I have to keep my mouth shut about the rest of the series, well if it even gets on the TV

    I thought it was just a nice little story I should tell just to show that theres more to gas mask collecting as it sometimes come's across as quite a dull and boring thing to study compared to helmets and medals



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    Default Re: It all pays off......

    Nice one! Well done

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: It all pays off......

    Indeed. Well done,i take my gas i mean hat off to you. It's nice to know you've contributed to something & that your knowledge was appreciated. Cool.
    Stewy S

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    Default Re: It all pays off......

    thanks guys however my dad still thinks its a useless hobby

    I've been thinking of loaning the collection to museum or something nearby where they can be seen by the public instead of sitting in my cupboard. I was thinking of speaking to the Black Watch Museum in Perth (Scotland) to see if they might be interested in displaying the collection whilst I am on holiday.
    Does anything think its even worth trying, because it is one of the oddest things to collect in the world of militaria.



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    Default Re: It all pays off......

    It's worth a shot mate - and good on ya for the idea!

    Sadly, some museums are run by corperate idiots who havnt got the slightest idea what they're on about! Their perception of the war is 'tally ho chaps' I know of a few museums who've turned down quality WW2 Memoribilia just because it "wouldn't blend in", or "no room right now" Pillocks!!!

    Hopefully your local museum will be run by someone with brain cells that run into double figures!

    Good luck buddy!

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    Default Re: It all pays off......

    The Black Watch Museum is probably the best place, I've been there several times and the whole situation seems to be if its military we'll exhibit it if we actually have room!

    I wouldnt trust my local "museum" called the house of memories, because they lack proper display cases and have been broken into, stuff is just left lying on the floor etc



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    Default Re: It all pays off......

    Danny, Congratulations. We all hope your episode will be aired and as for your fathers feelings, some people just don't understand.

    rgds, Ty

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    Default Re: It all pays off......

    Congrat and about the museum thing if you dont try you will never know and i think it's a great idea so many people doesn't have the knowledge about gas mask that you have and that could be a great opportunity to learn more
    Good luck

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    Default Re: It all pays off......

    That is brilliant news Danny ! Well done ! Can't wait to see the show !

    As for lending stuff to a's a great idea but you got to be sure they are going to look after your collection and keep it safe. Best of luck !

    Steve T

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    Default Re: It all pays off......

    Thanks very much guys, the series is planned to be shown either late this year or early next year, and its presented by Richard Hammond. I'm not to sure what else the episode might consist of because the gas mask part wont be that long, even if they choose to use it which I hope they will

    The museum has a lot of good display equipment so I'm sure the collection would be safe, Hopefully they museum would let me put some of their masks in the display such as British PH Helmets, Geramn Gummishutzmaske etc.



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