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another daft question

Article about: afternoon gents ,i was just wondering what the general consensus was in buying field gear for manequinn displays etc ,i myself am a lofty 6ft 5" and when it comes to buying clothing stu

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    cheers terry, gullivers travels spring to mind lol ,i remember cecil he was a big bloke ,but didnt detract from a superb display what so ever , your right i really must visit holland ,thanks james

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    Personally only being 15, As people where a smaller back then most Of my older Second World War etc items fit me, but then again I buy them in smaller sizes. If its in nice condition and doesn't look although it is subject to tearing or being severely damaged, I actually wear a lot of the uniforms I buy. mostly because I'm a bit weird and like to Walk around in full battledress (hence the name). Luckily the only mannequin I own is pretty much the same size as me so regarding that question yes I do buy uniforms in my size if possible. But don't get me wrong if there particularly rare or old ill take a lot of caution so as not to damage them

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    exellent stuff ,many thanks for your thoughts ,the boy in battle dress there most welcome

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    I buy what Ilike James,if it fits me its a bonus not that I would wear it,the one in my avatar I wore for a special occasion just the once.

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