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Any other interests in history?

Article about: by Poromies You are very lucky TrondK I plan to visit Gamla Uppsala and the archaeological site of Birka this summer when I am visiting my father. Thank you. Lets hope you will have a great

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    Default Re: Any other interests in history?

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    As an archaeologist, my primary interest is in the Vikings, though it's been a while since last I excavated a Viking period site. I am published as a specialist in Norse period ceramics from the Outer Hebrides. I have excavated Norse period buildings within a settlement on the Island of South Uist and also at a site on Angelsey. I found a small piece of bone with 5 letters of Viking period Ogham writing carved on it and it is only the 6th such object to have ever been found and is the earliest evidence for writing from the Outer Hebrides.
    Hi Jerry !
    Any clue on the date of these items ?
    (all from Norway)

    Vikingsverd 01.jpgx29.jpgBondehæren Spyd 2 1560-1630.JPG

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    Default Re: Any other interests in history?

    Seeing relics like norsk41elv posted really makes one feel odd, knowing that someone, hundreds of years ago, held those weapons in their hands in a battle or during a hunting trip. Brings the history real close.

    I love history, seriously.

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    Getting thise old threat back on track with my VOC pot I just managed to find again.
    I had several over the years and I was pretty sure I kept one, so here it is.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Sorry , I made a mistake! I tought the treath was Dave's (sandgroper); concerning VOC ship wreck's.
    So never mind the "back on track" remark I made..."history intrest in general"; it is! ;-)
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    My favorite areas are: History of Finland, Estonia and Eastern Slavic countries (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus). I also like Viking history, since I am Norwegian from my grandmothers side. Her family immigrated from Norway during the 19th century I believe.

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    Anything historical, ... so long that there is a proper basis to be investigated and unraveled.

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    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    For me it is anything Time team related but living way down here in Australia there isnt anything over 200yrs old......... unless............ you find something like this..
    I discovered an ancient Aboriginal site over 15,000yrs old | marcrussoamazingadventures

    Since the descovery i have a keen intrest in Aboriginal history, dreamtime storys and culture. I have alot of respect to our traditional owners as much as a bad reputation they have down here . I know many really nice Aboriginal people and we all down here can learn alot from what they know aspecially about the medicines found out bush and how to care for our environment as they took only what you need . Look after country and coutry look after you.

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    Thanks mate, sure was. Lots of problems up there as its now a huge gas plant and they are moving alot of the engravings etc

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