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Anyone play war games on Pc/console?

Article about: Does anyone play Battlefield 2 online? Greetz Nick VR

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    Default Re: Anyone play war games on Pc/console?

    Glad to see there are allot of gamers here.

    Not many people with CODwaw on the pc though but thats cool, i would probably kick all of your asses on that lol. Im prestige lv 65 rank.

    If your going to start a clan for Battlefield 1942 i might just have to go and grab myself a copy

    Here are a few pics of me playing campaign mode, multiplayer mode and nazi zombie co op-

    I don't like to show off so i sprayed over my stats but you can see i am a prestige lv 65 and how long it took to get it.

    Can somone pls downsize these for me. thanks

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    Default Re: Anyone play war games on Pc/console?

    Ha ha, Prestige equates to time you have spent on the game and really equals nothing. What matters is your k/d ratio,level, time you have spent to achieve that level, and which map you are playing (core, hard-core etc) that is what can show how good a player is, not what level he is at!

    I honestly thrive on people who think they are good but back down after i'm done with them

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    Default Re: Anyone play war games on Pc/console?

    Oh, i forgot to add you included a zombie map in you pictures for a head shot. Nice picture anyways

    The new zombie maps are alot harder to get the upper levels.

    rgds, ty

    p.s. admin's and moderators, please forgive my childish ways exhibited on my responses to a gamer. Seibei understands what i am talking about.

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    Default Re: Anyone play war games on Pc/console?

    Its cool, i know what you mean. I had got to lv 55 2 times before this time but was on vista before and it is near impossible to successfully back you game up on that and thus.... lost my save game 3 times.

    I started playing waw again a couple or days ago or so just playing for an hour at a time and already got back up to prestige 65. it is hard work believe me.

    For example, out of 10 kills 8-9 will be headshots. I rarely ever get killed as i don't play like most people do (run,gun and die lol)

    I don't really care about rank , but its fun ranking up, i just don't brag and call everyone a newb like most players.

    If you have waw on the pc id be more than happy to either vs you or play co op.

    Have a good one-


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    Default Re: Anyone play war games on Pc/console?

    Played all call of duty, Medal of honor and Batelfield 1942.AMAZING games.The best was call of duty 5 of course : )

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    Default Re: Anyone play war games on Pc/console?

    I've got a Wii (for my boy,of course) with Blazing Angels & one of the call of duty's. But i'm always on the bloody computer,so i don't get to play them. Stewy S

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    Default Re: Anyone play war games on Pc/console?

    I like call of duty worked at war but not the modern ones !

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    Default Re: Anyone play war games on Pc/console?

    Wow, looking back at this thread it seems i was a bit cocky, silly really as although Im still a gamer (Xbox 360) i don't care much for ranking up these days, just a bit of fun.

    My current WW2 themed Xbox 360 games-

    Brothers in arms: Hell's highway - Great story, visuals, gameplay etc, Multiplayer isn't very good.

    Call of Duty: World at war - The Campaign is still one of the best and its fun to play a few games of co-op or Nazi zombies but to be honest the game has been ruined by hackers on the Xbox, people flying around, god mode, infinite ammo.

    Call of duty Classic - well, its a classic

    Call of duty 3- Not the best of games, because of that i haven't played it much since i bought it.

    medal of honor: airborne - great fun in both campaign and multiplayer.

    Wolfenstain- Believe it or not its real great game, a little out there in terms of story but many hours of fun, shame no one plays the multiplayer.

    Toy soldiers(WW1) - A bit of fun, i enjoy doing the challenges to unlock new items in my ration chest.

    Battlefield 1943 - great online only game, fly fighter planes, drive tanks and jeeps, uses AA guns, lead the charge to take an enemy position , great fun and there is always plenty of people playing it.

    My Gamertag is Darren082, add me and drop me a message if you want to have a game at any of the above.



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