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Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

Article about: I collected these comics in the mid 70's , boy I loved them ! Notice on issue 1 there was my first medal collection!! Alas I gave it away If any one has any of the free gifts still please sh

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    Now this is a right blast from the past Nick!
    I used to get Warlord, Victor, Battle and Hotspur comics and my grandparents would get me the Commando books. Do I wish that I had kept them all now? Hell yes!!!
    My set of badges from Warlord is long gone unfortunately, but I am sure that I've still got a few copies of the Commando books kicking around somewhere in the house, also think that I have a couple of copies of Warlord and Battle still.

    regards etc

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    You can get compendiums of the commando books in reprint format, half a dozen or so copies in single volumes, there are quite a few for sale. commando books


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    Great! I used to have 'Warlord' delivered every week and read it whilst having my breakfast before school. I seem to remember that the following day 2000AD was delivered. I was a 'Warlord' Secret Agent and thought, at the age of 12 or so, that Lord Peter Flint was the coolest chap around in 1975! I still have a huge stack in the attic somewhere.

    Thanks for posting and jogging those happy childhood memories.............before work, money, road rage, grey hair, weight gain and the self-pitying frustration of middle age with all its regrets for lost opportunities and broken dreams took hold. Phew! I think I'll read a comic!



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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    I saw a news article today that the Commando stories are now going to be printed in Germany!

    Gott in Himmel!!!!

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    I don't think that one made it here to Oz-can't say I've ever heard of it-'Battle' and 'Commando' were sold here though...Did anyone collect 'War Monthly/Military History' (as it was renamed)?

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    never heard of warlord but i still have all my commando comics, they were my favorite as a kid

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    I used to read Battle Picture weekly and 2000ad ex UK and the good old Commando comics as a kid. I followed the WW1 Charley's War character in Battle for a few years as it was an interesting story line re an underage Infantry soldier on the Western Front. Ahh the memories flow.
    We called the Commando's "training pams" in my old Res. unit.

    All the best

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    I used to buy the Commando comics whenever my pocket money would allow. Alas I have no idea whatever happened to them...

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    In the Army the Commando comics were known as 'Officers Training Manuals'

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    warlord super swooper.JPG

    Hi, This picture is the gift from issue 3 of Warlord. It is a rarity on EBAY as i have only ever seen 2 sold in the last 6 years, 1 of which i bought albeit missing the tail section.The other complete plane was sold for £98 which was out of my reach!

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