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Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

Article about: I collected these comics in the mid 70's , boy I loved them ! Notice on issue 1 there was my first medal collection!! Alas I gave it away If any one has any of the free gifts still please sh

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    "J.A.P Ambush"?? Oh my, wouldn't the PC Brigade get up on their little hind legs and start yapping if this were published today?

    (sorry, had to add the '...' to 'J.A.P' in order to circumvent the PC filter)

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    I wonder if 'Kraut' gets the same treatment?

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    Apparantly not, it would appear that political correctness applies to our Japanese friends moreso than to our German friends...curious.

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    Default Re: Anyone remember 'WARLORD' ??

    Kraut is a synonym of sauerkraut and j.a.p is an ethnic slur but also kraut is used as a derogatory term. Those were the days b4 the PC brigade started to make comics civilised, spoilsports!

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