My name is Ned, from North Carolina, USA. I'm new to the site, but very happy I've found it and joined. I enjoy metal detecting, auctions and storage/estate sales. I come across a great deal of military items, during my treasure hunts, thats what I call my visits to auctions ect ect...
I just posted my first post here on the Authentication Forum, under wool caps.

But this is a link of an upcoming auction near me. It looks to have two WWII German Items, not to mention numerous US Civil War items.

I would be thankful if someone would take a quick look at the pictures and give me your opinion on the two German Items. One is a gladiator type steel helmet, the other looks like a dagger with a Golden Eagle Head......here is the link, and Thank You for looking.

Items For Sale At Auction - Estate Auction in Trent Woods, NC