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Be aware!

Article about: Good Morning Gentlemen, I bring to you the information on a scammer in our midst. On our Classified auctions, seller ANTIK was selling quite a hoard of German militaria for ridiculously lowp

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    As I said before of the "buying on line thread" if it sound to good to be true it must be a fake, scam or a con trick. These days with Ebay and the web most normal go public have a reasonably good idea of what something's worth. I think you can blame the BBC and the Antiques road show for that little blessing, oh and the idiot I spotted on one of the lunch time "Cash bargain in the attic" type programs, that was going on about how militria was the one to watch as military antiques are still quite cheap.

    Hmm typical television "Expert" knows nothing

    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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    Quote by Nige H View Post
    "Cash bargain in the attic"
    Haha, that's just made me laugh out loud!

    I hate those bloody programs! Bargain Hunt gets right on my nerves!!! Some of the utter garbage the contestants buy is untrue!!

    "Oh yarr, a lovely looking plate... paid 85 for it" WHAT???? It's worth about ten quid off a car booty!!! Where do they get these people from??? I bet the stall holders wet their pants laughing after the film crew have buggered off home!

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    Yep Woody,
    I know just what your saying on this one, I used to restore a lot of antiques furniture for a living many years ago, and as a result you get a feel for price of all kinds of old crap. So these days I like to sit down at with my lunch and watch "Bargain hunt" so when the "expert" has given their price I've give the real "Nige trade price" and normally I'm a lot closer to the sale price than the idiot on the telebox. Oh and my old boss used to spit bullets when John Bly was on the Antique road show, due to some of the fancifully extremely over inflated values he used to place on furniture "For insurance purposes" .

    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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    good work guys his detail noted

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    I tried to point this out a couple of weeks ago, but now regret opening my mouth. Well done Turbodan for taking the route, that on reflection, i should have done so myself, for my comments went down like a turd in the trifle when i was only trying to opine on the very same subject as yourself, including this very same gentleman. Well, i'll be more careful in future, that's for sure, but it's nice to see that someone else spotted it as well.

    Regards, Ned.
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