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Baton Goring

Article about: Do You think that this baton is for sale??? 640px-Göering_weapon_and_baton.jpg you believe this is for sale one day? if yes, how much?? thanks

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    Hi All, Temp brigadier Mills- Roberts assaulted GFM MILCH with his own Interim baton, not a Ceremonial Baton which was made of Silver and wood. Which indeed did spilt. M-Roberts stole this baton from Milch on that day and his daughter was a while ago trying to sell it for cash. When Milch was protesting to his beating, Mills- Roberts squad cocked their guns as was ready " to drop GFM Milch"
    Not a fitting ending for a Luftwaffe GFM.

    Regards SK

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    Quote by Erno View Post
    Unfortunately, museums here in America will often sell items if they don't fit within their scope or if they're doubles of items they already have in the collection. It's unfortunate and not very respectable to sell donated items, in my opinion, but it happens often.
    For those very reasons I hate to hear old collectors say they are going to donate their collections to a museum when they die. Most museums will never display the items and either sell them off for cash to buy things they do want to display or, like most items owned by a museum, lock them away in storage... not to be seen again by the public.

    "Currently looking for period items relating to the German city of Amberg."

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    Quote by Aleksander P View Post
    That is very unfortunate. During the collapse of the Soviet Union, a lot of collectors from other countries used the opportunity to their advantage and bought priceless items with common goods. I always feel utter disgust towards people like that. In Finland our War Museum in Helsinki is government sponsored I believe and basically runs on donations and thankfully the items there are sacred and not going anywhere. During the war they would get stuff straight from the front-lines and from veterans as donations after the war. Sadly most of their items have to be kept in storage, so not many people get to see them.
    We , once had the pistol of von Rundstedt in a national it vanished also ....long before the collapse of the Soviet Union.....!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Hi All, this Marshall Goring baton is one of a kind and the most expensive to manufacture, the Ends Caps are made of Platinum and has over 500 encrusted Diamonds.
    The Museum will never sell this for Money alone,more like for space. ( I know it does not take much space but my point is)..... The USA has large under ground bunkers and Warehouses much longer than football pitches filled the Antiques, war spoils and general historical items.
    At the end of the Film of Indiana jones Raiders of the lost Ark, the Arc is seen to be stored a oversized Warehouse, this is a true to life scenario.
    Regards SK

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    Goring's baton in archive film vs. Present look. Note same angle shot.
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