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berlin trip 2013

Article about: that's 1 cute kid you have james.

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    we did the tourist thing and booked the highly recommended insider tour ,they run numerous tours covering the history of berlin etc ,we went for the hitler final days of the third reich tour ,our guide cesar was brilliant ,a real knowledgeable chilled out guy, the tour is mainly focussed around the tiergarten area ,our first stop was at the victory column ,victory over whom was the question posed by some of the less learned on the trip ,one side of the base in particular had the most bullet damage to the polished red granite as the red army pushed its way through towards brandenburg gate , the block built bullet pocked building you see is the underground tunnel entrance to the tower 056.jpg061.jpg065.jpg063.jpg060.jpg062.jpg059.jpg057.jpg066.jpg after here we visted the reichstag ,i was trying to imagine a red army soldier waving his flag ,after gathering our thoughts we crossed over the road for some liquid refreshments 068.jpg069.jpg

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    What i've allways wanted to know is how the hell did they move the victory column? it was first built about a hundred metres from the Reichstag and moved to it's present location in the late 30s, i'm guessing it was dismantled and rebuilt!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    next stop was at the tiergarten soviet memorial ,its in memory of all the fallen soldiers of the red army the entrance is flanked by a pair of period t 34 soviet tanks, supposedly the first tanks to enter berlin ,but more likely an urban myth and set back a little further two howitzer artillery guns 074.jpg083.jpg087.jpg075.jpg090.jpg078.jpg079.jpg089.jpg081.jpg080.jpg086.jpg082.jpg088.jpg

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    after a short bus ride ,we were slowly reaching our main goal of which ill talk about a little later ,but firstly we passed by this building bearing the scars of war ,amongst the modern metropolis this building really stood out ,a plaque on the wall read wunden der erinnerung (wounds of remembering) we stayed here a little while before our walk over to the bendler block 093.jpg092.jpg094.jpg095.jpg

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    All this walking must make you thristy?? lol.. Some good snaps James..I need to get there 1 day!! Cheers Terry.

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    here we are in the courtyard of the bendler block building it was the headquaters of Wehrmacht officers some of whom conspired and carried out the failed 20th of July 1944 assasination attempt on hitler, the leaders of the conspiracy were shot in the courtyard , the building was in some form of ongoing work as there was scaffolding at the front and within the courtyard there was a section with restricted access and plyboard hoardings which were used as temporary displays with one display showing colonel claus von stauffenburg 104.jpg096.jpg097.jpg101.jpg102.jpg

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    back on the bus again for a short hop over to a remaining external section of the berlin wall ,in very close proximity to the checkpoint charlie museum ,the largest internal section is located on the east side gallery but we didnt have time to visit ,the wall is built over the foundations of the gestapo and ss buildings ,completely flattened by the allied bombing ,on site is a modern museum (topography of terror ) i didnt allow my daughter in here because of the disturbing element purely done through referance pictures and text also i kept my camera in my bag as i slowly worked my way round ,definately a thought provoking place to the horrors that ocurred109.jpg107.jpg190.jpg188.jpg189.jpg187.jpg186.jpg112.jpg
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    Topography of terror is well worth a visit, chilling and very interesting at the same time!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    the last part of the tour was to visit the site of the Reich Chancellery and Fuhrer Bunker ,the area is now housing and a car park ,i already knew what i was going to expect to see ,but it still felt a bit of an anticlimax to the tour ,we stayed here for a small time in this open area before wishing our guide a fairwell ,by now my daughter was getting more than a little bored bless her ,so a trip to legoland was on the cards120.jpg121.jpg

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    legoland was a welcome break for my daughter 132.jpgwe were all allowed to play with lego so we had a guess what we've made competition ,stangely myself and the missus made sections from the berlin wall ,here's my effort144.jpgand here's the wife's ,i feel she wasnt paying much attention 145.jpg and after this my daughter dragged me to the pub for a drink of antifreeze165.jpg

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