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berlin trip 2013

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    many thanks brad it was a pleasure ,your trip to berlin sounds great ,i know it must be a very long flight for you guys in oz but well worth it once you get there if i can help in anyway with my limited knowledge on the place please feel free to ask ,ive also got some very helpfull friends on here that would definately help you out ,thanks again james

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    James your trip has taken me down memory lane..i loved my visit to Berlin in 2001 after 9/11..I stayed within the Kunsthaus Tacheles; here is its history In the early 1930s, the building was increasingly used by the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi) party members. In the mid-30s, the German Workers Front established offices for Gau Kurmark and became owners of the building in 1941. At the same time it became the central office for the SS.
    In 1943 the skylights were closed and the corresponding ridge turrets removed, so that French war prisoners could be held in the attic. During the Battle of Berlin the second cellar was flooded by the Nazis and remains underwater today. The building was heavily damaged during World War II, though a large portion of it survived intact. My girl at the time and I were there on an invite for new media design presentation that the Germans just loved. I in turn loved everything btw the food is wunderbar! I remember looking around the building for any relics or blantant signs of the building's SS past. I search was fruitless. Perhaps one day I will find those photos and scan them in. I enjoyed your post things have improved quite a bit from what I can see.

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    many thanks anzel,and my pleasure ,its great to hear about your trip to berlin ,very interesting i agree the food and beer is second to none ,thanks friend ,james

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    Great photos.must have been a great trip.Thanks for posting them..Are there really any antique shops with ww2 items?

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    thank you herrzark ,now there's a question ,i didnt see any but on the other hand wasnt really looking ,what i can tell though is there was lots of road side sellers mainly selling soviet militaria ,but more for the memento hunter than the serious collector ,they had a mish mash of headgear retro fitted with soviet era insignia's i had a quick glance and quickly walked on by ,cheers james

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