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Best found!

Article about: Why did you turn it in?

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    Why did you turn it in?

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    Back in 1974 I was 15 years old and in the 10th grade in high school. I had already been collecting for several years and was always on the lookout for more stuff. One morning I was sitting in art class and a friend of mine walked in wearing an Afrika Korp tunic! Now backed in the 70's lots of kids wore surplus army jackets & stuff but it would be U.S., not DAK tunics! It still had the collar tabs but was missing the breast eagle & shoulder boards. You could still see where the eagle had been.
    I asked him what he was wearing and he said it was an Italian army jacket his uncle brought back from North Africa during WWII. I had to have it so when I got home I started looking for something to trade for it. I had a 1960's U.S. Army dress tunic so I stuck a Sharp Shooter badge on it to make it more appealling and took it to school the next day. He loved it & it fit great so he swapped me the DAK tunic!
    I couldn't believe I had a real Afrika Korp tunic! It looked great next to my M44 tunic. I wish I would have taken a picture of it because it is long gone now. I ended up swapping the M44 & the DAK tunic for a G43 rifle. And then the G43 got swapped for 3 German tunics and a pile of other stuff... and so on & so on...


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    Sounds good mate!

    I saw in the paper a year ago, a few boys in Norway.
    The german transported a lot of equipment and weapons along the coast, one day (told by the boys)
    They found out that a german ship had somehow crashed and he and a few other boys went out, searching for treasures and found
    a chas filled with weapons with Mauser K98, Mp40 and some Lugers(If I remember correctly)
    They took the cash (during nighttime) and went into a swamp and buried it so the german would find out that they had their weapons, because it would end with a bullet in the head.
    They couldn't mark the place eighter due to the german would think it was suspicious and find the cash.

    Since the war ended in 1945 they haven't manage to find it, still today it's out there somewere!
    But they don't know where it is, and since it's in the mud or the swap it will stay there.

    Ps: I WANT TO FIND IT ! ! =)

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    I'm updating my best finds...

    I found this rifle in a dumpster. It has all matching serial numbers, intact 'mum, un-messed with stock, etc. Only downside is that it's missing a cleaning rod.

    It has since been cleaned up and is ready to be fired for the first time since who knows when!?


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    I found a Plumb 1917 machete at a flea market for $3.
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    myself around.

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    This $18 auction win pretty much takes the cake for me as of now.
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    Ob... my god...

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