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Best found!

Article about: Why did you turn it in?

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    Default Best found!

    Hey, I want to hear peoples stories!
    What is the luckiest found you have ever made?

    A Luger in you're grandma's old house?
    A SS Dagger in you're grandfather's basement?

    Share you're stories, and pictures would be amazing!

    Ps: I didn't find any threads like this, sorry if there are tonns..


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    Default Re: Best found!

    I posted a sign at my two jobs and I got these items for free!


    It just goes to show you that militaria can be hiding ANYWHERE, and you just need to ask!

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    Default Re: Best found!

    I have to say, I'm a fan of the last one there!
    you want to sell it ? haha

    Good for you mate!

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    Default Re: Best found!

    Quote by Normandie View Post
    I have to say, I'm a fan of the last one there!
    you want to sell it ? haha

    Good for you mate!
    Sorry sir! It was given to me in good faith and I promised to use it for educational purposes.

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    A World War One US Colt M1911, with magazine, holster and letter of provenance. Acquired this from an elderly lady. It was to be turned into the local police department and destroyed before she moved into a retirement community. I was able to contact her before it was turned in for destruction. Could have ended much more tragically if I had not been contacted by one of my best friends. Again, word of mouth can open really big doors that lead to fantastic finds!
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    Default Re: Best found!

    A beauty!
    I'm looking for a Colt 1911 at the moment, even better with a good story, if you see what I mean

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    Default Re: Best found!

    Snow camo, over brown/green camo, over Luftwaffe. I got it covered in two layers of modern respray but luckily this practically washed off with acetone and didn't damage a thing underneath. Interior is untouched since the war, small flecks of winter paint on the leather and in the crown. She's a salty veteran and one of my very favourite pieces. AND a Quist, everybody loves a Quist

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    Not bad, not bad at all! =)

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    I found a German Browning High Power Holster hidden in a secret drawer in a Chest after I bought it at auction. It came with ammunation but I turned it in to get destroyed.
    no gun though.


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    Default Re: Best found!

    I rescued these from being skipped at work a few years ago........
    I also found a shoe box full of Victorian envelopes with stamps attached, some of which contained letters and one of which was from Lord Bath of Longleat.
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