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Best Item You Ever Missed Out On Buying

Article about: I hope this hasn't been done before, but I was inspired to start this thread today. There are threads on our best helmets, daggers, EKI's, EKII's, tunics, weapons, etc. How about a thread on

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    @Adrian: I can relate to the lack of funds!
    @mich: is it undergoing restoration? Any more pictures?
    I've missed things, but like Stuka f, I've just forgotten them and moved on. No great stories about 'the one that got away' here. . .

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    hi Roger,
    yes we are working on it,and hope to get it painted this year,a lot of the inside parts have already been done.
    But at the same time we are working on my SnoGo from 1942
    regards mich

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    The best thing i missed out on was a ww1 german NCO 9 place medal bar , really a great set photos the lot ! It was on a eBay auction i was outbid i think someone was using that eBay sniper thing

    Or a ww1 silver war badge to a boxing traner with loads of paperwork again on eBay missed the auction bu 10 secconds

    I'd rather forget these things and be happy with what i have ...

    Kind regards

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    The one true item that i most regret missing out on was a genuine "Blue Max", at least it was to me, It happened when i was a young lad at the Camden Passage military market in London, thats where all collectors and newbies started from around the London areas, there was a stall that had loads of militaria on it and at that time i daresay was all genuine items, however there was a Blue max in its silk lined box, and being already interested in our hobby , I knew what it was and looked at the price tag, i saw it had 500 on it but there was a dot between the 5 and 0 , the woman who was serving saw me looking at it and asked if i was interested, i smiled at her and was about to say something when she picked it up and let me look at it more closely, now i dont really know what happened but she offered it to me for 5.00, and that was a lot of money for me even then, but i had the money plus travelling expenses to get back home, i grabbed at it and having paid her walked away, i was thrilled until some guy came running up a few minutes later and stopped me, apologised and told me that it had been sold at the wrong price and asked for it back, well being a kid i didnt know who was in the right etc but he gave my money back and took the award back to the stall where i saw him have a right go at the woman, so i ended up buying something else that day that was also real but not as exciting as the "Max", i should have had my old dad with me, there would have been no way the guy would have got it back, but as i remember it and now knowing what i do im convinced it was the real deal, just imagine what it would be worth now, in fact ive never seen a real one sell in all these years, but i think it would be in the tens of thousands

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    @! that must have been disappointing. to have bought it and had it IN your hands, walking away, what a bummer. if I had been you, there would have been a foot chase cuz I'd have been outta there, lol.

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    I was at a show and saw a great luft sword I walked away from the table to count my money and when I walked back the guy that had been standing next to me had bought it . Just wasn't ment to be .

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    LOL , believe me if i had been a bit older there would have been but this was 1968 and as a thirteen yr old from my era you didnt cheek your elders nor disrespect them but my old dad would have told him where to go, but then i nearly lived in that place every Saturday and got my first M40 from Call to Arms and Chris Farlow

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    Not a week ago I missed out on a little salty, but nice and complete double decal Luftwaffe M35 helmet, gasmask & canister, and some other bits I was less interested in, for $400........ Would have been my first double decal.

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    Lost out on a terrific WWI German M16 helmet last week. 90% finish remaining
    and the liner intact, with only one of three liner pads missing. I placed a bid
    in the last 30 seconds, and it was rejected because the seller only
    sells within the continental USA ? !

    Someone got a beautiful helmet for only $275..........!

    *Dave, sorry about the Pour Le Merite. That would have
    been the deal of a lifetime.........!


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    hi Steve,
    dont be sorry I tryed that also.Sow now if there is anything on ebay I want.I just put a littel bid on sow I am sure I can bid on it.
    regards mich

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