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Best place for a reproduction ss visor cap

Article about: Thanks again Chaps , and thanks Timothy for the ok on the mentioned link , i have purchased the cap now and fingers crossed it is as nice as it looks on the site. Really appreciate the help

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    Default Best place for a reproduction ss visor cap

    I'm in the uk and wondered where could i pick up a quality repro of a Waffen ss officers visor cap. As I have always wanted one but wouldn't be able to afford the genuine article. Been looking at a few sites , looking for the best quality. And if possible ships from anywhere in the EU. Any help would much appreciated.

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    Reddick Militaria sells high quality Triple Erel marked ones. timothy

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    Thanks Timothy , just thinking about the custom charges with a u.s supplier , looks like a good shop though , if anyone has any info on EU militaria online shops out there would be much appreciated. I've Been looking this morning aswell but to not much avail. Thanks again Timothy for your input.

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    Jimm I never thought of that I have bought one or two of Reddick's high end visors like SS would like some other high end one would never own but I figure one is enough. I just read a thread on here I can't remember or seem to find it Ade had a link to a Janke dealer in the UK and it had some good Janke copies I don't think Janke ever made any high end Erel ones Reddick seems to have the market on them however some of them I think have been pirated and marked Erel but they don't have the quality of Reddick. They are good for space fillers. If you are in Europe maybe the Janke supplier in UK would be a better way for you to go. I have nothing against owning a high end cap especially if you don't have ten to twenty thousand to give for one even if I had it I wouldn't pay that much I am from the old camp when they were three hundred tops. Don't know if I have helped. timothy

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    If you are looking for an extreme high quality replica, contact BenVK. They are not cheap but for the amount of work that goes into them it's a bargain.

    Contact me if you like and I will give you his email, he lives in the UK.

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    Give james a shout at

    Extra Classe - The online shop for Michael Janke caps & uniforms

    I'm sure he'll sort you out.
    I know him well

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    I would second that. Extra Klass is the man for top quality reproductions.
    Author of... 'Belfast Diaries: A Gunner In Northern Ireland'... 'A Tough Nut To Crack: Andersonstown.. Voices From 9 Battery Royal Artillery In Northern Ireland'... 'An Accrington Pal: The Diaries of Pte Jack Smallshaw, September 1914 To March 1919'.

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    Thank you all for your help. Pat i might indeed contact you regarding BenVK , John many thanks for the link and Timothy i can appreciate old school my friend. Thanks fellas. I found a site called epic militaria and their waffen ss officer visor cap looked pretty nice , i liked the way the badges look compared to some others that look too shiny. Also the wool looks nice quality aswell. What are your thoughts chaps?. Here is the link Epic Militaria > German Waffen SS Officer Visor Cap - Grey , hopefully it might be the ticket. I would like to get all the right insignia , tunic , shoulderboards etc for the rank of Standartenführer , oak leaf collar tabs etc. The cap would be the starter. Any thoughts on the link above would be very much appreciated. I'll hold off buying for now until you chaps think it might be a good move to get that particular cap. Thanks once again John , Pat & Timothy for your very useful info.

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    Your welcome Jimm that is a nice looking one on Epic I don't know what the underside is like as it doesn't show Reddick ones are in tricot wool and have cream or Reddish undervisors just like the originals that is it Extra Klasse I think they are in the UK Good luck on your decision. timothy

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    If you are looking for an extreme high quality replica, contact BenVK
    BenVK sadly no longer resides here after his forum suicide.

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