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Best WW2 Museum?

Article about: Where are the best WW2 Museums?

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    Quote by Redgemak View Post
    The Imperial War museum is a fine global military museum but not a specific WWII museum.
    Ambleteuse near Boulogne sur Mer is a much better one, as well as the Diekirch and La Gleize museums.
    If you are interested in WWII but specialy the Atlantic Wall, you must visit The Openluchtmuseum Atlanticwall in Oostende Belgium
    Domein Raversijde "Openluchtmuseum Atlantikwall" -

    You're correct IWM in London is not specific to WWII but IMMO it's a fantastic museum. I've been there several times and enjoy every time. Sadly I haven't been able to visit it latelly

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    Museum of the Red Army is very impressive IMO.

    Likewise Kubinka.....though the latter is not a WWII museum per se.

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    a year ago there was a temporary exhibition in Berlin called "Hitler and the Germans: Nation and crime." I only know that worked so well that there was an extension. Unfortunately for just a couple of weeks I could not go see it, it seemed interesting and unique, an attempt to explain the massive participation of German society in the Nazi movement.

    And now my question is: Do any of you had the chance to go? And if so, what can you tell me? Photos?

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    As mentioned above.
    Museum of the Red Army, Moscow. Faaan-effing-tastic!
    Just stumbled over these pics from my visit.

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    The second part of the IWM is at Duxford , where the huge collection of Warbirds are housed, people forget that and miss the chance of seeing actual flying examples of WW2 aircraft, plus tanks and great static displays

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    If you are wandering along the beach in Rio then walk to the fort at the end of the spit that runs out into the harbour.

    There you will find a fantastic display of ww1 german artillery pieces, a pak 38 and a very interesting museum of the Brazilian army bring backs from Italy 1943 - 45.

    So much more in the most unusal of places....



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    I once visited National World War Museum in New Orleans and was really amazed by how large the exhibition is!
    I strongly recommend you to go there too, you will most likely learn a lot of new things about WWII there!

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