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Best WW2 Museum?

Article about: Where are the best WW2 Museums?

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    Default Best WW2 Museum?

    Where are the best WW2 Museums?

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    The Imperial War Museum, London must take some beating

    Imperial War Museums

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Thanks Nick... Hopefully this summer I will be going to Normandy to the Juno Beach center... I will be in London first, and will make this my first stop!!

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    Nuno has this thread set up, the museum in the last couple of posts is absolutely splendid!
    Trip to Germany 2012

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    Go to the ww2 museum at Ambelteuse near calais.

    It is one of the best in Europe museums at Diekirch and La Gleize in luxembourg are top notch, especially as la gleize has a tiger 2 left by kampfgruppe piper.



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    IWM in London is fantastic. The V2 and Jagdpanther (and much else) in the lobby pretty much sets the mood

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    A subjective topic depending on taste and expectations but many of the best WW2 museums are in Europe in the places the action took place. If you're heading this way, drop me a line and I can give you suggestions for the Normandy area. If you're going to the IWM let me know as I would be glad to accompany you and welcome the chance to go there again.

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    The Australian War memorial in canberra, i havnt been yet but plan to go. I know its a long way from Europe, but if your down this way.
    Through the work of men like Charles Bean the AWM has a lot of interesting artifacts. There is a huge ww2 section and a selection of aircraft including a mosquito,mustang, and an avro lancaster

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    I love the Diekirch museum it is pretty awesome, I have been 4 times and every time I see something new. The malmedy museum is neat even though it is small it is super cool! I think it is funny that nobody mentions the National WW2 in Louisianna?

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    The Imperial War museum is a fine global military museum but not a specific WWII museum.
    Ambleteuse near Boulogne sur Mer is a much better one, as well as the Diekirch and La Gleize museums.
    If you are interested in WWII but specialy the Atlantic Wall, you must visit The Openluchtmuseum Atlanticwall in Oostende Belgium
    Domein Raversijde "Openluchtmuseum Atlantikwall" -


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