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A bit over the top

Article about: walter mittys!

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    You never know, being older than your ruler can get you places

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    And I thought the Russians loved their Uniform bling.
    These guys win hands down.

    All the best

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    I wonder if they have them on the back too ?

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    Their entire general staff can be defeated by a Looney Toons style giant magnet...

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    The Order of the Tractors in all classes. Now clap and cry, tromp tromp tromp tromp tromp

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    From what I understand, upon joining, or "volunteering" for the North Korean Army, you are entitled to wear ALL awards and service decorations of any family member who has served.....that's why you'll see recruits gouged up, as they are wearing their relatives's part of their dress code

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    I don't know about Americans pointing fingers and laughing abut 'bling' look at any of the joint chiefs uniforms on parade, if they wore all the medals for their ribbons they couldn't stand upright!

    A friend of mine of facebook had this to say with respect to US mil bling in response to this picture above of the N.Koreans:

    "yeah compare an RAF Air Chief Marshall.. maybe 3-4 ribbons, 5 at a stretch..... but those are Knighthoods, DSO, DFC, AFC and maybe a UN blue-tag <s> Some years ago I saw a USN sailor in his fancy dress with a CHEST full of ribbons.... I forget the rank but something like a lance corporal, I took a picture at the time and checked them out when i got for spelling my name right three times in a row; one for polishing the CO's boots; one for remembering the President's name; One for finishing my tooth brushing; one for getting to work on time....... I know, I know, I am being horrible.... but really........"

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    I am not an american- but i am still lauging of these lightning rods
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    Photoshop, but the original pic is not much better.

    I am glad this picture is photoshop, because that picture had me worried for a minute. I thought maybe that country was run by a bunch of nutters. Of course they must be sane!

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    Quote by plumbob View Post
    Please excuse me if you have seen this before.
    These guys must give themselves a decoration for just crossing the road safely. How heavy their jackets must be. Or perhaps they are carrying their collections around with them everywhere lol.
    just thought I would share
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    I hope they never fall over.You would get a hernia lifting one of these idiots and I wonder which medal is for coffee (oops) tea breaks!

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