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blackheart0866 former member dont buy from!!

Article about: Klinger has also been expelled some weeks ago. I won't have crooks and deadbeats here. Steve, that made me smile. My late dealer friend Mike Long used to have a small notice behind his shop

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    Hi Guys, I don't normally come on the forum to explain why someone was removed, unless it is a case of fraud, etc.

    However, Tony made several very offensive posts (which were removed) and when asked to moderate his tone he asked to be removed from the forum. This was done at his request. I should add he did have several warnings in the past. BTW it had nothing to do with this thread.

    He has since then joined another forum and got banned as mentioned, plus made a series of remarks on Facebook.

    I have no idea what happened to him, but clearly he has some issues to deal with.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Guys i can only add to what Ade has said by saying that the decision to ban a member here is not one that is taken lightly , all the members who have been banned who are mentioned in this thread were given numerous warnings that their comments / conduct was not acceptable here and was causing offence and disharmony , unfortunately they for their own reasons decided to ignore the warnings and advice !!


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