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Bomber Command Memorial unveiled.

Article about: One of the lads who did not Grandfather, Flying Officer Samual Lee, Lancaster Observer/pilot, 15 Squadron (RAF Mildenhall), Bomber Command, volunteered Sept 39' went through t

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    Default Re: Bomber Command Memorial unveiled.

    One of the lads who did not Grandfather, Flying Officer Samual Lee, Lancaster Observer/pilot, 15 Squadron (RAF Mildenhall), Bomber Command, volunteered Sept 39' went through the ranks ended up Flying Officer, did all his official tours, on the 20th December 1944 he volunteered to replace a rear gunner who fell ill, mission over the Ruhr......his plane was hit by flack (fully laden !) no remains...just his name on the RAF Runnymead memorial. One of the many who now have a rightful memorial. I named my son after him.......that was my way of making sure he was always in our thoughts.
    Cheers ! Steve.
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    Default Re: Bomber Command Memorial unveiled.

    A majestic memorial, befitting of those who perished.
    Experienced guide and published author leading detailed study trips to the former KZ sites of Nazi Germany. Contact for further details.

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    Hip Hip Horah! To all those brave young men of both Bomber Command and the Mighty Eighth who gave their lives so freely to fight Hitler's tyranny. I have a number of friends who have described to me what it was like to be on the run into a target over Germany... unable to alter course, FLAK bursting all around them... scared to death. yet they would do it day after day. Honor them we will... forget their deeds we will never!

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    long, long overdue - finally a fitting tribute to those who took the war to the backyard of the Third Reich and paid such a heavy price. Although looking back, the civilian losses in Germany were terrible, I remember my grandfather saying that at the time there was little or no sympathy amongst ordinary folk in this country for the plight of the German people, given what we had endured with the London Blitz, Coventry etc and the sentiment was "Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind".

    Great documentary on the Bomber Boys available to watch on Channel 5 on Demand:

    Bomber Boys: Revealed | Revealed | Channel 5

    It makes sober watching and makes me sad that it has taken this long to erect a fitting tribute and that so few veterans are left to see it.

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    Brave lads honoured at last ..

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    I watched the ceremony and saw just how many veterans from all over the world there were left, sobering to say the least, but hearing them cheer when the Lancaster flew over made the hair on the back of my head stand up, long overdue but now a fitting tribute for all to see

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    One for the Brits tonight on ITV1 9.00pm

    Bomber Command | Radio Times

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    Default Re: Bomber Command Memorial unveiled.

    A lovely story from Australia...
    A 90 year old bomber command vet was due to fly to London for the ceremony, but had to pull out at the last minute due to I'll health. Our opposition leader, Tony Abbott heard about it, sent a car with a RAAF escort to the gents house, flew him from Sydney to Canberra, took him to lunch then presented him to Parliament, where the PM and parliament thanked him for his service, then flew him home....the vet said it was one of he best days of his life

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    Long overdue.

    Controversial it might be. Bombing civilians (on both sides), not bringing the enemy to his knees (on either side). That how ever does not change, that so many flew out and lost their lives. Of course they deserve a monument for their sacrifice. It must have been a terrifying experience of nightmarish proportions to fly mission after mission knowing the statistics. Just horrible.
    Im amazed, that the surviving lads (on either side) was just let go into soceity after the debacle and most assimilated. No counseling, no nothing.

    Speaking of controversial: 'Bomber' Harris and the bombing method was viewed with distaste both during and after the War. Controversial or not, he was asked to do a job, caught a lot of critique. The bombings were not a subject to bring up in politie soceity after the War.

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    At no point should this memorial be controversial, it is not, and will never be, a symbol or homage to bombing tactics and strategy. It is a monuement to the fifty five and a half thousand young men who served, and in many cases died, under the auspices of Bomber Command in the service of their country, commonwealth and also the free world.

    Why can't the worthy, hand wringing armchair revisionists of today see that? It boils my p!ss just listening to them!

    I am proud to be a citizen of a country that, besides many other failings, has the people and integrity to push this fantastic project through to fruition, and brings long awaited justice into the light, by honouring these brave, selfless men. Truly Per Ardua Ad Astra!

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    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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