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Books by Members

Article about: Is it at all possible to sell the books written by member's of the forum on here? I know some of the fantastic people on here i have had the pleasure to talk to, have some very good books fo

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    My hats off to those that can write.
    I have had a photo or two of some of my collection published
    in other people's works.
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    I wrote and did the 'Now' photographs for 'Gallipoli Then & Now' part of the After the Battle series.

    More recently 'Wickford's Heroes' that tells the stories of 70 WW1 and 66 WW2 soldiers who left from my town never to return, all monies raised from sales of that go to restoring local war memorials, of which we have so far raised over 150,000, restored five and unveil our most ambitious one yet in the Spring having raised the 55k necessary a few weeks back.


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    One of several I have had the pleasure of being a contributing editor on, as well as book layout and cover designer


    First to Fight: Poland's Contribution to the Allied Victory in WWII

    Below is the latest award winning book I helped to publish.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Wow theres some very intelligent people on this forum and all of them sound like great reads....i think ill start adding to my collection...writing a manual on German field phones is so eccentric i love it,its this kind of dedication i appreciate and love

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    Quote by bboywizard View Post
    What is your website address mate..i personally dont know as much as i should about the subject,but i remember it always being on the news..always seemed like a warzone to me
    bboywizard: If you get a chance please do pick up Steve's book. It's a great read and I know you'll enjoy it. I too knew very little about this but everything you want to know is in there. Steve along with a few of his mates were kind enough to even sign it for me.


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    Quote by Gunny Hartmann View Post
    I'm embarrassed to say i haven't bought it yet, sorry Steve!...
    Tight arse!
    Author of... 'Belfast Diaries: A Gunner In Northern Ireland'... 'A Tough Nut To Crack: Andersonstown.. Voices From 9 Battery Royal Artillery In Northern Ireland'... 'An Accrington Pal: The Diaries of Pte Jack Smallshaw, September 1914 To March 1919'.

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    Quote by HARRY THE MOLE View Post
    Tight arse!
    I am a worm!...
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    Hi Luke, and thanks for the posting. Some sad news though. The other week, Gordon Addi Adamson came down to see me about the new book. He had written several notes in a reporters notebook for me regarding some of the incidents in which he was involved. Last Thursday I got a phone call to say he had been admitted to hospital. And then last Friday I was told that he had suffered a stroke. His is the signature immediately below mine.

    Another person who features heavily in the original book - Mick Krasnowski, he should have been at the book launch last August. But after I had tried to contact him I was told that he was in a nursing home suffering from advanced dementia.

    There was a film made by ITV of our unit in Andersonstown back in January 1971. I have the film on disc and I have taken a few stills from it. This is how we did patrols in armoured Pigs back in the bad old days! There is nothing I can do about the picture quality.

    Author of... 'Belfast Diaries: A Gunner In Northern Ireland'... 'A Tough Nut To Crack: Andersonstown.. Voices From 9 Battery Royal Artillery In Northern Ireland'... 'An Accrington Pal: The Diaries of Pte Jack Smallshaw, September 1914 To March 1919'.

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    Steve: I'm very sorry to hear about Mr. Adamson and Mr. Krasnowski. I wish them both the very best and I hope Mr. Adamson makes a fast and full recovery.
    Thanks for the photos. Will these be in the new book?


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    My book, The Party Badge - An Advanced Study Of The NSDAP Membership Badge, can be bought from:
    B&D Publishing (USA), Militariafachbuch (Germany), VDM Heinz Nickel Verlag (Germany), Reinhard Tieste (Germany), Naval Military Press (England), 1933-RU (Russia), Amazon, fleabay, MILI321 etc etc...
    Whoop-whoop, i`m famous

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