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Books by Members

Article about: Is it at all possible to sell the books written by member's of the forum on here? I know some of the fantastic people on here i have had the pleasure to talk to, have some very good books fo

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    Quote by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    My book, The Party Badge - An Advanced Study Of The NSDAP Membership Badge, can be bought from:
    B&D Publishing (USA), Militariafachbuch (Germany), VDM Heinz Nickel Verlag (Germany), Reinhard Tieste (Germany), Naval Military Press (England), 1933-RU (Russia), Amazon, fleabay, MILI321 etc etc...
    Whoop-whoop, i`m famous
    And a fantastic book it is too Jo! Anyone with even a remote interest in these fascinating little badges will find Jo's book great, it is well researched, well written and a quality publication all round!

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    Dave... you bring a tear to a grown mans eye.....

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    Quote by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    Dave... you bring a tear to a grown mans eye.....
    There are no grown men on this forum, just big kids!

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    Quote by rogge16 View Post
    Steve: I'm very sorry to hear about Mr. Adamson and Mr. Krasnowski. I wish them both the very best and I hope Mr. Adamson makes a fast and full recovery.
    Thanks for the photos. Will these be in the new book?

    Hi Luke, I'm not sure yet, the picture quality is poor. But there will be plenty of other illustrations and documents to back up the stories. Cheers, Steve
    Author of... 'Belfast Diaries: A Gunner In Northern Ireland'... 'A Tough Nut To Crack: Andersonstown.. Voices From 9 Battery Royal Artillery In Northern Ireland'... 'An Accrington Pal: The Diaries of Pte Jack Smallshaw, September 1914 To March 1919'.

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    Quote by sandgroper View Post
    There are no grown men on this forum, just big kids!
    Well speaking for myself....a 53 year old body with an 18 year old brain!..
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    I have both the party badge book and Steves book Belfast Diaries. Steve was kind enough to sign my copy along with his mates. Great books guys!!!! I Recommend both of these to all of our forum friends.
    Thanks for sharing your Books with us.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Default Gulag to Gold: A Wartime Odyssey

    A terrific novel, based on historical fact, I had the pleasure of publishing as an ebook earlier this year...


    Gulag to Gold: A Wartime Odyssey by Clive Birch

    Gulag to Gold: A Wartime Odyssey - About the Book

    In 1944 Anthony Eden, British Secretary of State for War, invited Eduard Cjaikowski to dinner—and to take a million in gold to Warsaw in Nazi occupied Poland .....

    No-one believed him. So he told no-one. About the knock on the door, the camps, the killings and the comrades. He kept quiet. About the secret house, the traitor and the hidden planes. And about the gold. Until death beckoned. And then he started.

    Gulag to gold—the story of a decent man.

    From Cracow to Moskva, Tara to Samarkand. From the deserts of Iraq to the brothels of Algeria, from camp to Army to SOE, he runs, loves, spies and nearly dies.

    He hunts Rommel, the last of the Luftwaffe and the renegade Kolanski across a Europe torn by war.

    This is about a boy who became a man in an odyssey of love and hate, a compelling insight into one man's war—a story founded in fact.

    ‘Written with directness and pace, promises fulfilling reading’
    Thomas Keneally, Booker prize-winning author of Schindler's List

    ‘Outstanding command of language... an exciting and powerful story of suffering and bravery in World War II’
    Major General Bryan Colley CB CBE

    ...and another ripping novel I helped to publish


    The Man With The Devil's Hand -by Jarek Garlinski

    Amazon Kindle: The Man With The Devil's Hand eBook: Jarek Garlinski

    Mane, Tekel, Fares...

    ... From a cold desolate moor in 18th century Scotland to a Nazi concentration camp in World War II and secret Soviet beam-weapon tests during the Cold War, the Man with the Devil's Hand looked on with ancient alchemist eyes.

    Followed down the centuries by dark forces, the Man with the Devil's Hand fights to save himself—and mankind—from the quantum forces he first unleashed in Poland almost 500 years earlier.

    Hopefully I have not overstepped the mark with my shameless abuse of the forum for self-promotion
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    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Here's four great books that I have read from forum member drmessimer (Dwight).


    drm 1.jpgdrm 2.jpgdrm 3.jpgdrm 4.jpg

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    A couple more good ones from forum member drmessimer.



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    This book is scheduled for release on 3-15-2015. It will be a good one and it is from forum member drmessimer.

    THE BALTIMORE SABOTAGE CELL: German Agents, American Traitors, and the U-boat Deutschland during World War I | U.S. Naval Institute



    "By the summer of 1915 Germany was faced with two major problems in fighting World War I: how to break the British blockade and how to stop or seriously disrupt the British supply line across the Atlantic. The solution to the former was to find a way over, through, or under it. Aircraft in those days were too primitive, too short range, and too underpowered to accomplish this, and Germany lacked the naval strength to force a passage through the blockade. But if Germany could build a fleet of cargo U-boats that were large enough to carry meaningful loads and had the range to make a round trip between Germany and the United States without refueling, the blockade might be successfully broken.

    Since the German navy could not cut Britain's supply line to America, another answer lay in sabotaging munitions factories, depots, and ships, as well as infecting horses and mules at the western end of the supply line. German agents, with American sympathizers, successfully carried out more than fifty attacks involving fires and explosions and spread anthrax and glanders on the East Coast before America's entry into the war on 6 April 1917.

    Breaking the blockade with a fleet of cargo U-boats provided the lowest risk of drawing America into the war; at the same time, sabotage was incompatible with Germany's diplomatic goal of keeping the United States out of the war. The two solutions were very different, but the fact that both campaigns were run by intelligence agencies—the Etappendienst (navy) and the Geheimdienst (army), through the agency of one man, Paul Hilken, in one American city, Baltimore, make them inseparable. Those solutions created the dichotomy that produced the U-boat Deutschland and the Baltimore Sabotage Cell. Here, Messimer provides the first study of the degree to which U.S. citizens were enlisted in Germany's sabotage operations and debunks many myths that surround the Deutschland."

    DWIGHT R. MESSIMER is a U.S. Army veteran and former lecturer in history at California State University–San Jose. He is the author of Find and Destroy: Antisubmarine Warfare in World War I and Verschollen: World War I U-boat Losses. He resides in Northern California.

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