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Books Pass-along and Discussion

Article about: Brian (Octavian) and I (drmessimer) want to start a thread that is essentially a round-robin book-read and book-discussion thread. The idea is that you send a Forum member a book that you ha

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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    Great project guys!

    I would want to join, but I have to read the load of books that I just bought, later Im in.
    Cheers, Mads

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    I have a copy of Soldier of Destruction. I cant wait to dig into it! This is an appealing review Sir Payne.

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    Perhaps SHAD you can send one of your books into circulation when you read one of them. That would be great. Feel free to write a review on any book you want to put into WRF Circulation.

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    Octavian, Im halfway through "Stalingrad" by Beevor, when finished I will write a review and send it into circulation.

    Cheers, Mads

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    Hell yeah Shad! I have read that book and it is definitive in nature. A must read! Look forward to your review.

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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    Who would like Soldier's of Destruction next? Just send me a PM

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    Just a quick question...currently, I am reading an Excellent book history on the Korean War, a subject very obscure and poorly known by most collectors. It's title is: "The Coldest Winter" and is written by David Halberstam. Like many of yourselves, I've never delved much into the Korean War and it's details, causes, major players, etc, and am finding it surprisingly fascinating. Is this book something that would be of any interest to anyone here when I finish it?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I too study the Korean War. Right now i am stacked out with books, but this is a book that should go into circulation. Feel free to write a review and send it amongst the subscribers.

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    Hi guys,

    I finally finished "Stalingrad" by Anthony Beevor (431 pages), here comes my short review:

    The book is split into 5 parts, the first one being a short resume of events leading from the launch of Barbarossa, to the battle of Moscov and the following retreat. Beevor emphasises on how Hitler genuinely believes that his "no step back" policy actually did stabilise and consequently saved the "ostfront" from collapse, despite the hopeless situation, while the real reason most likely was due to the incapabilites of the Red Army at this stage of the war.
    From then on Hitler firmly believes that the German generals are too pesimistic and that anything can be accomplished due to sheer power of will. This belief later will later show to have dissastrous consequenses for the Wehrmacht in general and the German forces in Stalingrad in particular.

    The second part describes the advance of Armeegruppe Süd towards the Volga.

    The third part is where the actual battle of Stalingrad takes its beginning. You can almost feel how battles become fiercer and fiercer while the circumstances both sides fight under become tougher and tougher. To me this was the most exciting part as its
    packed with first hand reports etc from both sides, all ranks, civilians as well.

    Part 4 describes the preparation and execution of Operation Uranus: the entrapment of the 6. Armee and 4. Panzerarmee. It also explains why any German relief operation was doomed and how the whole Südfront was endangered and even close to a total collapse. In the the mean time conditions for the Germans inside Stalingrad continues to deteriorate, along with morale as soldiers realise that they wont get out of the trap.

    Part 5 deals with the last stage of the battle and the unbearable consequences for the for the entrapped Germans on the one hand. On the other hand one can really feel based on letters, testimonies etc how this is the point where the Russians start to believe that they can win the war.

    Before reading this book I knew the basics of the Stalingrad battles, but nothing in-depth. Now that I finished the book I feel that I got a completely different understanding of this epic turning point of the war. While military history plays a major role in this book it isnt an in-depth chronological study about the army/unit movements incl detailed maps etc. However the book is full of first hand accounts, stories, anecdotes etc from all sorts of participants and eyewitnesses, all the way right from the top like fieldmarshall Von Manstein to small russian children and thats what makes the book so alive. It is common to hear the expression that "the horrors of those individuals involved cant be described" and while this phrase is obviously still true, this book is as close as it gets without actually being there.

    Finally Beevor's writting style makes it a delight to read, its often hard to stop reading, because it just feels like reading an exciting novel more than fact based history book.
    I've read Beevor's book about the final battle of Berlin and I enjoyed it, but in my opinion "Stalingrad" is even better, I can only recommend for everyone to read it.

    Who wants to read it next?

    Cheers, Mads

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    This book brings back memories. I read this fantastic book at least 10 years ago. This one image stuck in my mind. It's when a Soviet Soldier charged a German Panzer. In his hands were 2 molotov cocktails, that got out of control and ignited the infantry man in a ball of flames. He kept charging and destroyed the tank in a blaze of glory (literally)! Beevor, dug deep on this book. The movie ENEMY AT THE GATES uses many references from Beevor's writings. This is a must read. I liked your review.

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