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Books Pass-along and Discussion

Article about: Brian (Octavian) and I (drmessimer) want to start a thread that is essentially a round-robin book-read and book-discussion thread. The idea is that you send a Forum member a book that you ha

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    Default Books Pass-along and Discussion

    Brian (Octavian) and I (drmessimer) want to start a thread that is essentially a round-robin book-read and book-discussion thread. The idea is that you send a Forum member a book that you have read. He reads it, posts his critique or opinion about the book on this thread, and passes it on to the next Forum member. So on it goes wending its way among the interested Forum members each of whom posts his take on the book and passes the book on. Any Forum member can launch a book. Just post an opening review and opinion, and send it to an interested Forum member. Pretty soon we will have several books in circulation, and a growing number of book reviews we can all benefit from and enjoy.

    So, here are the guidelines.
    1. Be sure the book you put into the circuit is a copy that you are giving away, no strings attached, because it isn't coming back.
    2. The book can deal with any war or any nation from any perspective.
    3. If you receive a book and read it, please write a review and put it back into play by sending it to the next reader.
    4. You can review and put into circulation as many books as you want
    5. I your receive a book and for any reason can't read it right away, put it back on the circuit and send it to the next reader. What we don't want is books that die in limbo.
    6. As for postage, I pay it outbound, if you have a different policy, it's up to you. But in the long run, you will get the postage back in books that you otherwise wouldn't have access to without buying them. So paying for the postage is a bargain.

    As an opener, I offer Charles W. Sydnor, Jr. Soldiers of Destruction: The SS Death's Head Division, 1933-1945
    In my opinion this is the best book written about any Waffen-SS unit. Absent from this book is any bias for or against the Waffen-SS. It's a straight-forward, objective history that provides the reader a clear picture of relationship of the Waffen-SS to the regular German Army, and the Waffen-SS role in WWII. The Death's Head Division was somewhat unique among all the SS divisions in that it was formed entirely with concentration camp guards, (Totenkopfverbände) and led initially by Theodor Eicke who as Inspector of Concentration Camps orchestrated the reorganization and expansion of the concentration camp system in 1936-37. The Division's concentration camp background played a large role in how it was used at the front. I found the nature of the Division's infantry training, with its attendant high casualty rates, and the brutality of its discipline particularly interesting, especially in light of the Division's extraordinary morale and heavy, often unnecessary, losses in combat. This book is not only an interesting combat history, it also provides a study of an entirely different approach on how to motivated soldiers in combat.

    Anyone who would like to read this book, just send me a PM and the first request I receive will be the one to get the book. Dwight

    First up was cgb1066 (Corey) to whom I will send the book. Feel free to hound for second dibs. Dwight
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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    Sounds like a great Idea Dwight and I might join in later, but at the moment I have a backlog of half a dozen or more books to read not counting the two I am reading at this time.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    My first book to send amongst the members is Micheal Jone's book The Retreat: Hitler's First Defeat

    The Retreat.jpg

    This book covers the colossal failure of the German Army Group Center. Right on the heels of Moscow, like a wolf tracking a target down, the whole German Juggernaut fell apart rapidly. Not equipped for Winter Fighting, German units buckled under extremely dangerous winter conditions. Donning only light weather gear, the soldiers were left to the elements and had to pilfer winter gear by any means necessary. Brutal accounts reveal to what extent the Germans were capable of to survive. Nearly 1 MILLION German soldiers died. Many of them from exposure to the elements. Adolf Hitler ignorantly gave a STAND FAST order in which sealed the fate for countless more lives.

    At this juncture, many in the German High Command began to become estranged from Der Fuhrer. This is important, because up till this timeframe the German War Machine did not know the work LOSE. Decisions were made back in Berlin that frustrated operational commanders of Army Group Center due to the lack of not seeing firsthand the carnage. Valuable loss of veteran soldiers and incalculable amounts of lost/destroyed equipment put the Third Reich in a precarious position. This move alone cost the German War Effort a loss in which it could not be recouped. The Russian's took advantage of these weaknesses that decimated German Divisions right and left.

    I shipped this book to drmessimer. Hope you all enjoy as i have.

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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    Great idea guys, I will join in this at some point in the future.

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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    I am thinking of putting another book into circulation for the members. Let me look around a compile a few choices.

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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    I just received Soldiers of Destruction in the mail today. I'll let you guys know what I think about it this weekend. thanks Dwight


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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    Yes, I too have a copy of that and after i read THE BLACK MARCH it will be my next book. let us know how you like it. feel free to discuss at any time.

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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    Glad you enjoyed The Retreat Octavian. Hard to believe the Germans turned the tables in March and destroyed 2 Soviet armies. Am reading new one and will give my opinion and recommendation shortly. Glad to see others reading Soldiers of Destruction.

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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    This is a grand idea.

    Soldiers of Destruction, although an old book now, should be required reading for anyone with an interest in the SS.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Books Pass-along and Discussion

    I received The Retreat from Octavian yesterday and will start reading it today. After reading Octavian's review of this book I am anxious to get into it. I'll have a review posted in a few days and ready to send the book to the next reader. Dwight

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