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Boston Marathon Bombing

Article about: Stretch his God Damn neck! And do it on live T.V.

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    Stretch his God Damn neck! And do it on live T.V.

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    Watching the shoot-out on TV made me wonder how on earth they managed to take him alive, given the amount of lead that was thrown his way. Lets hope they get some information out of the scumbag. When I think of those poor people killed at the marathon in Boston I also spare a thought for the innocent children being killed in Afghanistan by allied air strikes. Twelve children were killed in the same week as the Boston bombing. I know how I would feel if it were my children that were killed. It is always the innocent who suffer in terrorism and war.
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    In the end he will get what he deserves the judgement is not ours to cast. I am just glad I am not receiving his...

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    He's a Russian....send him to the Gulag and let some Work be done out of him before he drops over and dies. At least they'll get Some good out of him...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Just hand the surviving perpetrator over to his uncle.

    (If you've seen him on TV expressing his outrage and anger at his nephews' acts, you know what I mean.)
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    Ive seen pictures of the brother who was killed, and his body looked quite damaged, Im not the person to usually say this, but I sure hope it was as painful as it looks.

    Nothing makes me angrier than coward acts of terrorism against innocents like this, some people went there to run a marathon and they left there propably not being able to walk another step in their entire life. I hope the brother in custody will go through hell and more in what life he has left to live. They could start from his legs...

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