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Brand new WW2 Videogame! (sniping)

Article about: Good evening gents! I'll like to inform you all that might have an intresst in ww2 (videogames). In less than 1 day and 4 hours a World War two game starting as a allied sniper taking part i

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    Picked up my copy for PS3 today, been playing the demo over the last week or so. Cant wait till my little girl goes to bed then I am gonna start shooting. Played the first one on PC and its one of the best. The demo was great and so I cant wait to start the campaign, on sniper elite difficulty of course

    Got the pre order bonus to so bring on the SVT 40 and K98!


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    can't play the game without trying the K98!!

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    Im playing on elite of course and you have to take it painfully slow in order not to be detected. Enemy snipers can detect you from accross the map it seems and normal soldiers are pretty good at it too. You have to be quiet while moving or the enemy will search for you. Once you take the first shot anywhere if there's more than on guy be prepared to use a sub machine gun even though you dont get much ammo. I found that the main thing is to keep as much distance as possible so you can continue to use your rifle. The Hitler mission was ok a little hard in some parts but easier in others you'll have to play it and decide for yourself

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    I played this and finished it. Loved it, just wish they would put the kill cam idea info BF3.
    Here is a mint bullet cam kills vid...
    Sniper Elite V2 - Top 10 Bullet Cam Kills - YouTube

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    Default Re: Brand new WW2 Videogame! (sniping)

    Makes you wonder if in real battle a bullet hit a grenade would it go off. Surley that would of happend at some stage of ww2

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    Default Re: Brand new WW2 Videogame! (sniping)

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