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Brit comedian at the bunker

Article about: Thankyou for putting the pics up.with the provinence it certainly is a very important helmet historically.looks like the remains of an ss decal to me ?

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    Default Brit comedian at the bunker

    It was facinating to see the brit comedianAL MURRAY who did a documentary on the( road to Berlin )standing at Hitlers bunker with Rochus misch ,Hitlers valet i think?.does anyone know if the bunker was totally disasembled or in fact is it in tact under the ground to this day at the apartment complex,in Berlin?PS IT WAS NICE FOR A CHANGE TO SEE A PERSON WHO MAKES A LIVING OUT OF COMEDY,GIVING REVERANCE TO A VERY PAINFUL SUBJECT ,AND NOT BEING FLIPANT!!!

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    Default Re: Brit comedian at the bunker

    Al Murray is the comedian at the bunker.
    From what I know the bunker was filled in by the Russians.
    Regards, Simon.

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    So that would mean in fact the bunker is still there, and it was filled in with the plentyfull rubble in berlin.technically it could be excavated then to reveal the rooms and corridors ect,now thats facinating wont be ,but it should be excavated and turned into a museum to the futility of war,and given a positive role in the world?i will be in berlin soon and will bring my ww2 entrenching tool and start digging,then il wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Brit comedian at the bunker

    From Wikipedia:-
    "Since 1945 government authorities have been consistently concerned about the site of the bunker evolving into a Neo-Nazi shrine. The strategy for avoiding this has largely been to ensure the surroundings remain anonymous and unremarkable. In 2005 the location of the bunker was not marked in any way. The immediate area was occupied by a small Chinese restaurant and shopping mall while the emergency exit point for the bunker (which had been in the Chancellery gardens) was occupied by a parking lot.

    On June 8, 2006, due to the 2006 FIFA World Cup a small plaque was installed with a schematic of the bunker to mark the location. The plaque can be found at the corner of In den Ministergärten and Gertrud-Kolmar-Straße, two small streets about three minutes' walk from Potsdamer Platz. One of Hitler's bodyguards, Rochus Misch, one of the last people living who was in the bunker at the time of Hitler's suicide, was on hand for the ceremony."

    Regards to all, Simon.

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    Default Re: Brit comedian at the bunker

    I know Al and he is top bloke

    Lez and I visited the bunker site in 2005. Here we are on the spot. The East Germans actualy did the destruction and not the Russians.
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    Default Re: Brit comedian at the bunker

    Great pic of you and the missus at the bunker. I was very impressed by als reporting ,he indeed seems like a nice guy ade.

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    Default Re: Brit comedian at the bunker

    Here is a plan of the bunker for anyone interested in it, as far as i know only the walls and part of the roof system remain. there was a geophysics done on it in 87 and some excavation to find what is left. they found some military items ie relic helmets ect, in what was the tiergarten, one of which is in my collection. but as said before thay tried to distroy it buy it is to well built to do it completly.


    ps, nice pic of you and your lady Ade.
    Last edited by Panzer 3; 05-22-2010 at 10:55 PM.

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    Default Re: Brit comedian at the bunker

    Thanks for the plan. Interesting, not as I had imagined it
    Regards to all, Simon.

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    Default Re: Brit comedian at the bunker

    Panzer 3 can we see a pic of the bunker helmet.what circumstances where you able to buy it and verify it

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    Default Re: Brit comedian at the bunker


    The hemet was bought from a guy i had delt with before in germany, he was on the dig, in 87. there were two dug in his area
    of which he kept, i tried to get one at the time of him telling me about them but he wouldnt sell them. i waited nearly three yrs
    before he offered one to me and i at last got it. It is a 42 Patt,
    single decal ( he took off) the liner had rotted, but that doesnt matter to me and one bullet hole in the left hand top of the shell.
    I have other relic helmets in my collection but this is the most importent one i think. As you may know they remove all decals
    with the Swas, and SS, on them in germany as they are illegal to have, i wish he left this one alone.


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