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Thread Bumping.

Article about: Please note that I will delete any posts by members who have started a thread asking for opinions and then gone on to make further posts asking for opinions after just a few hours if no-one

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    Default Thread Bumping.

    Please note that I will delete any posts by members who have started a thread asking for opinions and then gone on to make further posts asking for opinions after just a few hours if no-one has answered.

    I am posting this with particular reference to the Third Reich Decorations forums but I'm fairly sure it will apply elsewhere too hence the reason I'm posting in the Discussions forum.

    Not everyone can look at the forum 24/7 and not everyone who looks at your thread can answer it so please be patient and wait for the right person to come along and reply, don't keep on and on asking. Your thread will be answered when other members are able - not on demand. It can come across as being quite rude.
    No forum member or member of the forum team is paid to be here so we are not providing an 'on demand service' but we are providing our own free time and help when we are able and if we are able.

    I've mentioned this before now in other threads but it is worth mentioning again. You will also not use this method to increase your post count because, as I've mentioned, I will delete these posts.

    The moderating team are fully aware of threads and questions in our respective sub forums and will bump the thread after a suitable time has elapsed with no answer if needed. As those members who frequent the TR Decorations forum will know, every thread will get an answer.

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    Default Re: Thread Bumping.

    Hi Adrian,

    After what time period is it acceptable to bump threads, as sometimes people might be away and bumping a thread might bring it to their attention as otherwise they might have missed it?

    I have bumped a few of my threads, but I do tend to wait days or longer before doing so and I assume that this is acceptable. I have also posted threads that did not get a single response until they were bumped, whilst a small number of my threads have gotten no responses at all. Some threads I have started are more of a show & tell variety, whilst others are posted because I am in need of assistance with some item I want to purchase or have purchased and these latter threads are those on which I hope to get useful opinions posted.

    Not intending to be difficult, just hoping for some clarity in this matter.

    PS Sorry for the tortuous sentence structure.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Thread Bumping.

    48 hours is fine Jerry.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Thread Bumping.

    Yes, I'm talking about those who start a thread and moan no-one has answered within a few hours.

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    Default Re: Thread Bumping.

    Yes, that would be an odd thing to do.

    ....dont you think so, guys.....?


    (sorry, couldnt help myself :-)
    For the record, I would find that kind of rapid bumping quite rude too).

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    Default Re: Thread Bumping.

    I have seen this bumping a lot of times and most of them it was done by newbies.
    So despite the fact that we are discussing this matter for a hundred time, the problem is that it will happen again as most of these new members will not see this discussion.
    Of course when they see their thread deleted they will learn why it happened
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    Default Re: Thread Bumping.

    Well, I don't see the problem with bumping their thread, they just make the thread look worse than if they just post... is it real, then a picture. and after 5 min posting a bump, that's just fun..

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    Default Re: Thread Bumping.

    You are free to do whatever you want but if bumping threads for no reason is fun then those posts will be deleted and it may be considered trolling for a reaction and you can be assured of one!

    It's about common sense. So what if fifty people have viewed your thread? If you haven't got an answer it means that none of those fifty can help you so just be patient and wait for someone who can.

    As I said, it looks very demanding when members expect an instant answer, as if they expect someone with all the answers just to be sat waiting for them to post a question. It ain't gonna happen like that!

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    Default Re: Thread Bumping.

    Well said Adrian, I agree 100%.. I dont know enough to past on any knowledge worth shouting about, But some people do ask impossible questions..which would take natrually a long time to find the answers......Ive never had any problems myself keep it stupid simple & you cant go wrong!!! Thats my pennies worth!! Cheers Terry.

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    Default Re: Thread Bumping.

    This week I started my shift on Monday at 06:30. I got to work, made a coffee and logged onto the forum briefly to scan any new threads from overnight.
    I saw a couple but couldn't answer them without some reference material or without spending some time on the net looking things up. Impossible to do when my collegues want to use the computer for work purposes, perfectly acceptable and I don't carry a reference library around with me.
    When I next logged in a couple of hours later via my phone I had two private messages asking me to comment on some new threads. One of these threads had already been bumped by the original starter and one of the messages was from this person. I don't really like replying to anything via my phone unless I'm away from home so I left it until I got a chance to get to a computer.
    When I next got that opportunity, mid afternoon, I had another PM requesting an answer!
    When I got home the previous bumped thread had been bumped again so there was a thread with three posts all by the same person and all asking exactly the same thing!!


    I genuinely don't understand what the urgency and demanding nature is all about. It's a hobby, not a life or death situation and if you can't wait a few hours for a reply then maybe buy a dictionary and learn the meaning of the word 'patience' while you're waiting.

    As I and others have said, we all do this for a hobby and are not there every minute of every day just to answer questions. We do it in our spare time and freely. Everyone here has a job or commitments that keep them away from the forum so please show a little tolerance for the rest of us who can't be there 24/7 for you!

    Believe it or not, I actually enjoy answering questions, trying to help people out as I learn alot from it too but I'm buggered if I'm going to be hounded into replying! It would be good quite nice to see the members who do this take the initiative and try and find the answers for themselves while waiting for some replies to their thread.

    Rant over.

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