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Burn the Nazi uniforms!

Article about: What do you say to the people that suggest that the original German items still around should be burned? Assuming they will allow logic into their heads. These people make m angry. It's hist

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    Thank you all for your responses.

    I have said myself also, destroying the items does not destroy what they did.

    Thanks again, and happy hunting for militaria!

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    I would say to those people, so you want to censor history? That's thought control. Thought control is a step on the road to tyranny, which makes you no better than the tyrants whose memory you want to suppress. If there's a cogent argument to the opposite effect, I'd like to hear it.

    Dig deeper into their agendas and there always seem to be some other controls that they're very keen to impose upon the rest of us. It's for our own good, naturally, which somehow they always understand better than we do.
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