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Burn the Nazi uniforms!

Article about: What do you say to the people that suggest that the original German items still around should be burned? Assuming they will allow logic into their heads. These people make m angry. It's hist

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    Default Burn the Nazi uniforms!


    What do you say to the people that suggest that the original German items still around should be burned?

    Assuming they will allow logic into their heads.

    These people make me angry. It's history!

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    im not familiar with this way of thinking horst but put into modern context i recently heard that isis want to demolish the pyramids in egypt ,i suppose historic artifacts are always vandalised or even destroyed completely when a new faction come into being

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    I've noticed that with those people talking is futile. my opinion is to ignore the whole thing with these people. Generally, they do not know anything about history. In some cases, it is of course a good reason, which should be respected. ...But still ignore... we here in WRF will continue the collection / examining history / preservation of history, if someone can not understand it, it can not be helped.

    Usually they only see the surface, such as what swastika brings to mind. (bad things)

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    Well said, timpe.

    I just wish these people would go fishing or something instead of bash our hobbies and scare me to death by saying burn them.

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    I have had similar comments made by those I consider to be "Idiots" many times over the years in response to my displays at guns shows and other places.
    I very quickly learned to reply with: Yep, you're undoubtedly right! We should destroy all of the WW 1 & WW2 German and jap stuff - along with all of the Confederate items. That way with it out of the publics attention everyone will forget all about the terrible things that happened during war. This is guaranteed to cause the same atrocities to happen again because no one will remember/know what had happened in the past and how terrible it was!
    The general response was a moments puzzled expression followed by - Hadn't thought about it like that, guess you're right.

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    I don't think they would burn much if they were paying for them at the current prices even good quality repos aren't cheap just my thought. timothy

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    I always tell the uninformed that is better to collect items of a defeated enemy than have the reverse be true. As collectors, we must also understand the symbolism of these artifacts as having come from a horrible regime that cost millions of lifes, professed bigotry and racial hatred, murdered the retarded and mentally deficient. The Nazis were a sad commentary on the cruelty of man against man.


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    Lately we have seen on Al Jazeera how the fanaticals has destroyed 3000year old buildings. I dont understand humans anymore...

    Thats why i bury myself in Art, history, Calligraphy, woodcarving..... I have almost no contact with people anymore, in the end of the day they usually look for a way to screw you over.
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    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    I echo Mr Coleman's thoughts. People that ask these questions have usually already made up their minds, much like when it comes to politics. It's very difficult to persuade people otherwise. If you destroyed all of it what would it change? Nothing. Holocaust victims would still be dead, soldiers would still be dead, property would still have been confiscated, all of that still happened and nothing will change that. I have also been told that all of this should be either destroyed or in museums, to which I replied, why does a museum have more of a right to own these items than I do, or any collector? These arguments are seldom ever won and it's best to just not entertain it at all.

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    I have found over the years that people who attempt to take the moral "high ground" on these issues are the very same people who have never studied the period of history involved, nor understood the consequences that have followed, good or bad. These are probably the same short sighted individuals who would allow the Konzentrationlagers to "disappear" to nature, there by denying future generations the knowledge and "hands on history" to enable them to avoid the same terrible events. Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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