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Can We Handle the Truth?

Article about: I found this article a few years back, and kept it for some reason. But honestly, was it right or wrong? Ok it's a bit long, but bear with it. I think it's worth it Can We Handle the Truth?

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    Quote by mauser98k View Post
    As regards N. Ireland I lived here through" The Troubles" and there are Two sides to every story.

    Hi Martin,
    There are indeed two sides to every story, but it's an unfortunate fact that both sides of the story cannot be true. We all have our views on those terrible times in NI. I made a few friends amongst the Catholics in Andersonstown and New Lodge. Many were too frightened of the Provo punishment squads to fraternise with the troops, so any displays of friendship had to be conducted behind closed doors.

    The terrorist organisations from both religious groups in Ireland were nothing more than brutal butchering thugs who thought nothing of killing and maiming men, women, and children. There is supposed to be some kind of peace there now, but the IRA are doing their best to start all over again. The former members of the Provo's (now ministers) know who these people are, and if they wanted to, they could put a stop to all this now. They may no longer call themselves the IRA, but it is still the IRA. There can never be any justification for the slaughter of innocents to further a political cause. And anyone who does see justification, even if they do not get involved, is no better than the terrorists themselves. These groups only survive because of the support they get from misguided fools.


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    Hi Guys, there is nothing more divisive that Religion or Politics. As a result, neither have a place on this forum. We are here to talk about militaria.

    Thanks to all for conducting themselves in a gentlemanly manner and adding about their experiences. But I feel this thread has now run it's course.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Adrain i hope you dont mind one last repost.Its facinating the real hsitory we are actaully hearing about lived by some members.its sad that ,that living history is now lost to the forum,but i will respect the decision.

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    When these soldiers were entering these horrible camps i don't think they were telling each other about religion or politics.I cannot imagine the sight of these poor people who were turned into something no one should ever indure!I couldn't think of the scum who would perpertrate a crime against defenceless people on that scale.Sherman said during the Civil War that " War Is Hell".Little did he know what man would do to his fellow man in the 30's and 40's

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    As historians, which is really what we (should) aspire to be, we ought be objective enough to realise that there are only shades of grey in any conflict. Nothing is "black and white".

    Cheers, Ade.
    I couldn't agree more.

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