No, he didnít go antique store hopping, in search of collectable treasures nor did he attend a militaria show, swap meet or go garage sale digging. What he did do is attended an Air Show, down in San Diego, CA assisting the CAF wing he is a member of, and he was able to bum an little airplane ride back home.

Here are a few photos he took from the back seat of the Harvard II (North American T-6 Texan), from pre-flight until just before landing. The D-Day invasion painted plane, out the window, is the CAF wings C-53 which did participated on D-Day.

The kid strapped in to the back seat of the Harvard II

C-53 and Harvard II getting ready totaxi out and fly home

Back seat instruments - Pilot in front seat doing pre-flights

In the air and on the way home ... about a 45 minute flight

Flying under the C-53


The Kid!