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Careful photographing your collection....

Article about: You guys maybe aware but thought i would post this up just to be safe. These days with the advance of technology we have some pretty cool cameras. Our phones take pretty good pictures as wel

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    Default Careful photographing your collection....

    You guys maybe aware but thought i would post this up just to be safe.
    These days with the advance of technology we have some pretty cool cameras. Our phones take pretty good pictures as well but this has now caused a lot of problems in my 2 big hobbies and could now also cause problems here in the collecting field.
    As many of you may know Iphone and alot of cameras mark the GPS spot each time you take a picture. It records it on your metadata. This has caused massive problems for us fisherman that spend big $$$ searching for good fishing spots take a picture of a big fish only to give away the location within a few feet to fellow fisherman.
    In my other hobby its a bit more serious...... Prospecting for gold. There have been guys take a picture of there huge gold haul , over $100,000 of gold all laid out on their table at their home only to tell all the crooks out there exactly where the gold is being held or take a picture of a nugget strait out the ground only to tell everyone exactly where your prospecting.
    Collecting war stuff is no different. Not sure if camera gps is on as a default or you have to turn it on but make sure if you post op pictures of big collections or items at your home your gps is off or you wipe the metadata with appropriate software as there are a lot of dirty criminals out there.
    Not saying anyone here is a crim but not sure if google images bring up this site which may be a problem
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    Good advice. Thanks for the tip.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Very good point, Marc. I've seen images from this site on Google images searches.

    I found this page on the subject. It has a link to an exif viewer site that can check your metadata..

    Tools for Reading and Editing Exif Data of Photographs

    Crooks are getting a lot smarter these days.

    Cheers, Willie.

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    My pleaure guys. Hate to see or hear anyone loose all their stuff and or get hurt

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    Same thing goes for posting pictures of your kids on facebook etc. Sick $#@#$ can find where you live very easy these days.

    You could always change the metadata to your local police station hahaha

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    It appears that uploading photos to this site changes the metadata. I tried this exif data checking site:
    Jeffrey's Exif viewer

    Photos on the hard drive taken with my camera show the full data, but the same photos that have been uploaded to this site don't.

    Cheers, Willie.

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    If you have an iOS 7 device you can simply turn off "location services" for the camera app, instructions below.

    iOS 7: Understanding Location Services

    I assume Android software and digital cameras also allow disabling of location data.
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