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carved gun stock

Article about: hello gents, I have been busy carving up a gun stock again. this is my attempt at Celtic knot carving. let me know what you think. it still needs a clear satin finish coat. Andrew

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    thanks Steve

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    That is a pretty dramatic looking piece, very cool - you have talent.

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    Excellent work Andrew! That's some really impressive work on those stocks. I showed the pictures to my granddad who's a retired carpenter who has been working with wood for well over 50 years and he though the carvings were outstanding. He particularly liked the one with the hollowed out Bear.

    Its nice to see it on commercial weapons rather than historical ones too because you're just enhancing something that's still being churned out in its regular plain form. I'd imagine the forum would be far less accepting if you'd molested say an original K98 or Lee Enfield stock!


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    Frankly, I'm amazed that this has not been more widely seen on older guns from years ago. The old timers had a penchant for sticking their knives into anything wood that came their way and carving it. And yet, we see nary a stick! Your work is top notch and you might consider some day bringing some of your work to a gun show and setting up a table, although, I suspect that you would be quickly over run with orders to last you for years! And I can't begin to imagine what such hand-work would even have to cost these days. Nice job!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    thank you Tom and William. I could never take a historical weapon and alter it, unless it was truly rough, or already altered, and then the carving would have to go with the type of gun. I wont carve a chipmunk on a shot gun or a deer on a .22

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    Default Re: carved gun stock butterflies and tulips on a G-43? lol Somehow, I kind of figured that already!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    That is excellent! I would love to have a custom stock like that on my rifle's!!
    You do some Beautiful work!!!!! I liked the celtic lace. It looks like it would make for an great texture to hold on to.
    Most definitely an outstanding Job!!!!
    Thanks for sharing those pic's
    Semper Fi

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    lol lol if I do i'd expect to be shot, and rightly so.

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    Nice work Andrew I have been trying to learn to carve other things for a few years but I do not get much time into it, especially after my mentor passed away. Your skill looks like you have been doing thing for a lot longer than 1 year

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    Thanks Ben, when I started carving I posted all my stuff here. it was a personal challenge that turned into an obsession lol.

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