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I've just watched the Colditz story on TV and then looked it up on IMDB, the website states that the film/movie was actually partly fimed at Colditz, would the DDR government have allowed this?
I remember reading somewhere about the filming of funeral in Berlin, the scenes set in east Berlin had to be shot in the western sectors, because the East authorities would not allow fiming in the eastern sector!...
I dont see that as a problem. Movies like: The Journey, Berlin Express and The Defector--filmed around 1947, 1947 and in the early to mid 60s--respectively--were all filmed on location.

The Journey has Yul Brynner in it as a Russian Officer and the movie was filmed in Hungary when the Russians had taken over said Country. Berlin Express w/ Robert Ryan, Charles McGraw etc--was filmed in locale in what was the American, British and Russian zones of occupation. The Defector w/ Montgomery Clift & Hardy Kruger--was also filmed mostly in the DDR.