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One thing I have noticed at the military fairs is the lack of young people, this is where the future lays. Just an observation
Yes, there is a very profound lack of young people in the hobby.
I blame the prices. I collect only for the historic, technological and aesthetic value of the items, and have all but given up the idea of expanding my German part of the collection. However, I am perhaps not trying hard enough since the German part of the collecting was never my main interest. I am more a regional man, and collect Scandinavian and Allied equipment.

I have met a lot of younger collectors that have taken up collecting "modern" equipment.
Primarily from their own fathers generations. Cold War militaria and militaria from 1990s are beginning to be collectible in their own right.

I think it is a pity, that collectors don't want to "ease" new collectors into the hobby - especially WWII militaria. Because I was lucky enough to meet like-minded collectors in a young age, and they sought out some very nice items for me - to very favourable prices for a 16 year old. In hindsight I know they lost a good deal of money on these "deals". It is a pity a lot of them are not among us any more, because I have always wanted to return the favour. It meant a lot to me at the time, and I am forever grateful.