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Collections gone wild.

Article about: Ok Patrick you got me on that one lol ha ha ha and yes I think you are right about them being the antichrist of collecting

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    Default Collections gone wild.

    Let me share a story of a young bloke who being in the Australian Army found out he had relis in the German army in WW2. He then decides to pay respect to said relatives by having a manaquin, in a repro uniform and gear, as thats all he can afford dressed as what his Great uncles may have been. that was 5 years agao, now that young bloke has 20 odd helmets of different variation, a mass of original personal and feild gear, flags, armbands, and is now slowly gathering a collenction of post war east and west german gear, for no other reason than he has found some of it fairly cheap, or peices have turned up in various places. Now add a mate he met on this forum, who has GIVEN him, well swapped and given between eachother, almost a complete Aussie WW2 uniform from head to toe, US WW2 gear, and some German helmet shells. This young bloke has also given to his mate gear he would never have thought of collecting, modern Aussie gear, now war relics. This young mans dream of having a manaquin in repro gear, has now developed into almost every style of german helmet, from 1916 to 1980, australian and briotish helmets, feild gear, flags, autographs of a leading member of hitlers entoutrage, and is now slowly expanding into post war, and now WW1 items. I even have original photos sent to me for free by memebers of the forum.

    Also include in this, medals, RSL badges from 1919 to 2005, publications and propoganda leaflets!!

    Is this young man alone in this ever expanding tree of collecting?????

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    Default Re: Collections gone wild.

    sadly not alone but im just restricted to raaf havent gone pongo yet !

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    Default Re: Collections gone wild.

    RAAF!!!!! all those pretty uniforms are enticing!!! but "pongo" or Army gear is much more sexier!!!!

    Actually I have some RAAF ww2 caps and buttons, but got no idea what button goes with what!

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    Default Re: Collections gone wild.

    Oh Dear ! I so relate to this young bloke lol ! i started with one little thing and i am all over the place right now West German, Canadian , US, TR , the only thing i got intelligent with, is what i decided to collect headgear and it is only for lack of space. If i would have had more space God knows what i would have had in my collection .The more we have the more we want .....

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    Default Re: Collections gone wild.

    It,s an illness we all have lol, i think we are all mad but being together we dont notice it,
    I have collected for many yrs now and sold quite a lot of stuff over the years.
    but still got a bunker full of items, Great to know someone else is as mad as me.

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    Default Re: Collections gone wild.

    It's hard to stay focused sometimes much to the chagrin of our bank accounts.

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    Default Re: Collections gone wild.

    I think i caught the bug

    i have spent over 120 euros,
    bought 8 things,
    joined one forum ( lol )
    have been helped several times,
    and made a coulple of hundred friends.
    so i geuss i have the bug

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    Default Re: Collections gone wild.

    Dont kid yourself collecting is a disease I posted a thread yesterday called I AM NOT AN ADDICT my diease is only kept at bay by two things the size of my bank account and my wife with a big stick

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    Default Re: Collections gone wild.

    lol wife with a big stick hahahah is about right ! It has been brought to my attentinon that the women is the anti crist of collecting !

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    Default Re: Collections gone wild.

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