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Collectors Beware of Craigslist Scam

Article about: I hope this SOB get taken down..

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    Default Re: Collectors Beware of Craigslist Scam

    I hope this SOB get taken down..

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    Quote by AZPhil View Post
    OH yeah We need to join forces on this MOFO and bring him DOWN!!!!! So what are we calling a Minnesota accent? A lot a "A"s thrown in ? or more of a Nord type accent??
    Its HAMMER TIME!!!!!
    Semper Fi
    He definitely threw in some "A" sounds
    He sounded a little bit on the younger side as well. I tried to track him down using numerous background check websites, but came up short. It might be a possibility he has a middle name starting with the letter "L" and is around the age of 34

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    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    I used to use Craigslist until I was scammed by the same 'Robert Spring' back in 2010. If I recall correctly, the address he used was in Minnesota. Luckily I was only out $40, but still, I don't think I will ever be returning to Craigslist again after that.

    I even talked to him over the phone!

    Just submitted all of the available info of Robert Spring on this site: United States Postal Inspection Service

    I suggest you do the same since he scammed you too. Even if you dont currently have his old Minnesota address, you can still possibly use the info I have provided since its the same guy.

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    Good for you! I'm hoping for a positive outcome. Good luck!
    Does this mean the road trip is cancelled?


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    I don't remember the info, unfortunately.

    I just have a very good memory, and I remember that I sent a money order to a Robert Spring from Minnesota for a Japanese flag that he had claimed his father had brought back from Okinawa. He also claimed to have his father's photo album.

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    I just joined this forum so I could add to this thread. I was ripped off by the same guy! I'm a 17 year old living in Long Island, New York. I was told all the same nonsense. He sent me the same pictures, had the same "issues" with the package getting to me, cursed me out in the phone for thinking he was trying to scam me. The deal was for the luftwaffe helmet, hj knife, a large banner, a small banner, a mein Kampf poster and a texaco poster. We agreed to do two separate orders (I wanted to make sure I at least got something). So the deal was $200 for the small banner and 2 posters, then another $210 for the helmet, knife, and large banner. Of course he wouldn't part with the good stuff first. So I sent the money, and had a back and forth with him that lasted over a month because he "accidentally" sent my package to the wrong address. I waited and waited, spoke to him about my complaints and he got so angry he cures me out and said I wasn't getting anything that he was dropping the order. About an hour later, his wife texts me and apologizes be issue she have him the wrong shipping info, and asks of I want to go through with it. I agree, but told her I'm not sending any money until I get the first package. Well it actually did come! I received the banner in the picture that's in a ring on the wall, that mein Kampf poster and the texaco ad. So I send the rest of the money. Same issue as you. I have both their numbers and I can't call them anymore! He sounded young as you said, probably early 30's. real attitude on this guy. Claims his name was Robert Jenkins, cell (440-666-7276) and his wife Marlo Jenkins, cell (440-666-6818). The address that I sent the money to was 1677 Bunts Rd. Lakewood Ohio. He is a horror collector. Sent me photos of masks and props from different classic films. He has them in display cases and rooms throughout the house. I mapped the house, and it's right next to Lakewood High School. Please anyone that can talk to me about this call or text me at (631-942-7193) or email me at "" $400 dollars, at 17 I had to work a lot for that. Serves me right for trusting people I suppose.

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    PMG1943: Welcome to the Forum! Sorry to hear that you were taken by this shyster. Maybe DeLuxxe will have some helpful info for you. Good luck.


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