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Collector's Guild

Article about: Forum I have purchased from CG a few times and each time that lovely woman is always prompt and courteous. The items, in my case, were just as described. With that said, ALL dealers have fak

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    If you are going to send anything make sure you nail them down about how they pay and when they will pay you after the items are sold. They are VERY SLOW about this. AND they do not notify you when your items sell.

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    i thought i would throw in my "2 cents" here having just had another very positive experience with The Collector's Guild.

    i find the prices, as dealers go, fair. absolutely. i don't look at every price. i just look at the prices of the things i collect and they are reasonable.

    but more importantly is this: i bought a badge from The Collector's Guild about 2 years ago. by the photos, the badge looked right. however, when i got it in hand there were issues. i had the badge examined by other experts who do this sort of thing for me occasionally. although most more casual collectors liked the badge and would accept it, it was deemed by very experienced collectors to be bad. the issues were subtle and you can not blame the dealer for missing something like this but, the fact is the badge was not good.

    i sent him images of good badges and the one i bought and outlined the issues. i was asked to send it in so that he could look at it.

    then, before i could return it, i lost it.

    2 years would pass before i would find it, right here in my house, filed (for some strange reason) with Wehrpasses.

    i wrote to Peter Whamond and explained that after two years i found the badge. after two years i returned it, and received the refund immediately. all e-mails were answered promptly through the entire process and the entire episode was handled in a totally "stand-up" fashion.

    for me, Peter Whamond is solid gold among dealers.

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    I agree with my colleague.
    damit, basta.

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    Peter is a stand up guy all the way.

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    I have recently purchased a few buckles from there, Carey was quick to answer emails, I was informed at all stages when the parcel was being sent out etc so no probs on that side

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    I've bought a couple of items from them and had no dramas, they were very quick to mail the items out to me and answered all emails. They are not cheap but I'd rather pay a few extra dollars and know that I am buying the real deal.

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    I too have made a couple of purchases from CG over the years. One item had languished on the site for quite a long time, and I decided to take a chance and buy it. Once received, I came to discover it was a clever reproduction . . . and after bringing it to the attention of CG, I was offered a refund with no additional questions asked. A very long time passed before I made another purchase . . . and then I discovered some ineterest in a tunic listed on the site - here is the description that was posted:
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    When the tunic arrived, most all of the description matched the item . . . and it was obvious to me the breast eagle had been re-applied - of which I really had no great amount of trouble for. Honestly, what really troubles me most, is the lack of mention of the excessively large cut at the bottom edge of the tunic, at the inside lining, directly below the location of the breast eagle, and right into the fabric! How could this have been missed by anyone at CG is beyond me . . . It's obvious this cut was made to allow access for re-application of the eagle . . . but the fact that the cut was not openly mentioned in the description troubles me greatly. I really don't have any trouble with CG on the whole - just wish they wouldn't let little (?) things like this slide so easily under the carpet . . .
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    I have had good service and bought some items there. Prices are often high, but it's a consignment site, so it's our fellow collectors that are setting those high prices. I bought a Sigrune there once, and found out it was a fake made by "Patch King" out of New York shortly after the war. The guaze on the background was the dead give away. I returned it almost a year later without any problems and got a nice note from Peter saying he was not aware it was a bad item. What troubles me is that I now see another identical "Patch King" sigrune up for sale on the site as a legit item. Perhaps he forgot he sold me one that I showed him evidence of being a post war item?

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    I purchase from the guild on a regular basis. Never have had a problem. Carey is a pleasure to deal with. If you do not get an answer, just send another e-mail. Highly reccomend the Guild.

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