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Collector's Guild

Article about: Forum I have purchased from CG a few times and each time that lovely woman is always prompt and courteous. The items, in my case, were just as described. With that said, ALL dealers have fak

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    They do not know their butts from a hole in the ground about early American military items and do not contact you when your items are sold. The prices that are charged reflect the 19% that they add on the price of an item which also includes the 14% they charge the owner which the owner usually adds to his price.
    I know they don't notify you when items are sold, which is a little strange. They always pay when you find out yourself though. I know of their percentages but i would not expect them to sit and sell items for free. Maybe it's just me

    Cheers guys

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    Newbie,I feel the same way!Real Items I grant you,but his prices are insane big time.This why very few new guys will get into our hobby.I started in 1969 and I know before others say about that being apples and oranges!Others that charge 2024 prices are Oakleaf militaryShea has a Luftwaffe Generals visor for $27,500 and I see many say hes a nice guy blah,blah.Hes nice because he charges hellava high prices.Yes I know I don't have to buy,but who in his right mind would pay that much money for that piece!!I could name others who have crazy prices,as far as I concerned they seem to be in a power mood to see how much they can extract from collectors!

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    SteveR, Is Whammy of the C.G. allowed to charge VAT tax from Canadian residents?I was just wondering.I know that English residents are charged this tax and Germany the same.I saw a post awhile back that had some comment about this not being right with Whammy.Don't like his prices and several collectors have been pissed off about him not getting back to them in decent time!Not telling you by e-mail that your items have sold is B.S.Wouldn't send him a tinnie anyway,but he is no great dealer with that attitude.

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    Its nice when you buy from them, but when you sell... my medals are there 6-7 months. But one of them is finally sold
    They are very good overall!
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    This dealer is not so bad...but many items are "on hold" and always "online" on his web site...

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