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Colourised WWI pictures.

Article about: From the paper we all love to hate. Bringing the First World War to life: Grainy black and white pictures of British soldiers training for battle are digitally coloured | Mail Online Photos

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    The photo was taken of the Indian regiment in Fauquissart France 1915, by Charles Hilton DeWitt Girdwood.
    You are right about the way the gas mask should have been worn, but since they where fighting a war not everything is so straight forward, mistakes happen, equipment incorrectly used etc...

    If you follow the link Anon posted it shows where and when the photos where taken.

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    Well I'll be! that's an awesome photo then thanks for the correction.


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    Fort of Souville: late June to mid July 1916 image-611054-galleryV9-onxk.jpg

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    Stereo picture taken by Hans Hildenbrand ​​in the Champagne, a chromoplast image. Gents I have several of these in my files but unsure on copyright laws. I love these photos showing uniforms equipment etc.image-611050-galleryV9-rjex.jpg

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    Couple more I just found looking up info on gas hoods from the pic posted by Jerry, correction to a blog I believe these are termed Tirailleurs Senegalais and a rare colour pic of a mustard gas victim least we ever would forget the horror.


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    Never quite understood the need to digitally colour a period sepia or monotone photograph.. IMO it adds nothing to the narrative of the captured moment in time. I prefer my period images to be period. The digitally coloured mono portrait images in the OP all share the same bland pink plastic doll skin hues and tones.
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    Hi all, glad you like the pics- I colourised them all for the Open University so can verify they're all original period photos. You can see the 'before and after' shots at
    Thanks, Tom

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